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  1. Hi Ken , Mick Kemp here ! How can I log in to the results to check. I don’t have an I’d or password yet as I only rejoined about a month ago. Could you tell me how to go about this please. Cheers Mick

    • The server stopped on Saturday night before the competition reports were finalised and unfortunately can’t be restarted until Monday morning. The system supplier has again been contacted about contingency procedures to cope with the server stopping.

    • Hi Geoff – Thanks for the heads up. It took until this morning to get the server operational again. Steps are underway to make the server platform more stable. Cheers

  2. Hi John

    I looked at the results about 4pm and again now. The response is slow, about 60 seconds but the results do appear.

    Not sure how long you were prepared to wait for a response. Please have another try and see if you get a response with 90 secs.

    I’m not saying the response time is acceptable.

    Please let me know how you go. I am separately looking at the response time issue.



  3. Hi Ken,
    I can get the list of events up on my computer but when I click on to an actual event,say today’s stroke I cant get any response.Is there something I can do to achieve success?

  4. For the past couple of days, I have been unable to access the results. It is comming up with an error message.

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