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Saturday 9th February

Sorry I’m so late but had to do some work on the local rule for the bare patches on the fairways. The Match Committee have agreed to allow a Local Rule on the bare patches on the fairways ONLY. Take a drop without penalty.

Winners : Div 1. Div 2

Michael Kemp. 39pts. Paul Quinlan 41 pts

Runners Up. Shane Woolley 37pts. Ray Hewitt 38pts

NTPs. 2nd John Faust, Stuart Melling, 7th Michael Kemp Terry Baker, 12th Robert Sheppard, John Dalley 16th Phil Coles, Wayne Stone. Pro Pin Robert Sheppard. – $75.00 Rundown to 34.

Winners Single Match Play: B Springfield 3/2, C Marshall 8/7, G. Treloar 5/3, B Penny 5/3, I. Strange 3/1, T. Neil 1up, D. Jones 4/3,

K. Haddrick 4/3.

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