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Saturday 2nd February

Cooler day to day with 97 men members trying to win the Monthly Medal, Medal of Medals and qualifying for the Single Match Play.

Vacancies have been opened for the President, Vice President and Secretary. This is the opportunity for all the members who have expressed interest in the running of the golf club to nominate for these positions. Nom forms are in the control office or ask a committee member.

The names for the qualifying round of the single match play has been delayed and will appear to morrow with Tim and myself publishing simultaneously. Will be in the morning.

Medal of Medals was won by Brian Springfield with a good score of 63 nett. Well done.

Monthly Medal Winners:

Div 1 Div 2. Div3

Terry Foster 68. Brian Springfield 63 Kim Fiora 67

Pat Hayes 69. Dennis Jones 68. Tim Pooley 67

NTPs: 2nd. Brendon Williams, Wayne Stone, Kim Fiora. 7th. Terry Foster, Michael Druhula, Cameron Richards. 12th Ray Mills, Ray Deeks, Hayden Gilbank. 16th. Terry Foster, Michael Noakes, Nic. Davis.

Pro Pin. Ray Mills $ 86 .00 Rundown to 72. Lucky Draw Terry Trevitt

Raffle: Michael Davis (3), Wayne Stone (1), Alan Hubbard (1).

Captain Max 🏌️⛳️