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President Position Vacancy

It is an honour to have been President of the Golf Club for the past eight years.

The time is right for someone new to lead the golf club into the 2020s.

The Club administration is firmly based with

•    a robust golf competition program for all members

•    regular communication that has evolved from paper newsletters to the daily blogs by Captains

•    strong financial management

•    comprehensive computer capability

•    generous member benefits that include free days and quality functions

developed and refined by Committees since the single Golf Club was formed in 2011.

While stepping down as President, I will still continue to work for the Golf Club in any role that the Golf Committee and golf members see fit and wish the incoming Committee well.

Thank you for all the support that I have received.


6 thoughts on “President Position Vacancy

  1. thanks Ken for your years of service to the Golf Club. Not many know the extent of your work and the money you have saved us in IT support and training. Your great record keeping and planning abilities have ensured that we have been ‘all over it’ every year when it comes time for elections. Personally, I have enjoyed the camaraderie over the 5 years we have worked together and will miss this very much. I hope to be able to have game together that will just be hits and giggles soon.

    • Thanks Rosie. Have enjoyed working with you and look forward to a Sunday game opportunity, hopefully sooner rather than later. Cheers

  2. Thank you Ken for all the hours that you have put into our club, I am sure our members appreciate the effort that you have given us above and beyond the role of Club President. I personally than you for all the help and guidance you have given me during my time as Club Secretary.

    • Perfect Marlene Appreciate your kind words and thank you for taking the Secretary position this past two years. You have made a difference.

  3. Ken thank you so much for all your efforts as President of Club Banora Golf Club. It has been a huge commitment of your, and your committee’s time and energy, to bring about the processes we now enjoy. Hopefully we can still call upon you to help us with our computer questions. :).

    Expecting your golf handicap to now decrease by at least 5 :). Looking forward to having a game with you and Denise when things have settled down.



    • Thanks Fran appreciate the feedback. Will certainly help with computer support and live in hope that my handicap reduces. It will be good to get back to Sunday golf and we look forward to playing with you and Steve. Cheers

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