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Wednesday 2nd January 2019

The new rules come in today. Please read the local rule board, or the back of the card, also flyers are available off Barry Horton. No more vouchers will be handed out, prizes will be put on your card by Barry Horton, please don’t hassle Barry if your winnings don’t turn up to morrow. This is new and we will probably have a few teething problems before we get it right. There will be a receipt available so you can check if it does not turn up at a reasonable time through Ray Tume or Barry Horton.

Winners:                             Div 1.                                        Div 2.

Trevor Neil. 41pts.                Brian Brown.  40pts

Runners Up:             Michael Noakes.  40 pts             Svend Schack. 39pts

NTPs:           2nd. Daniel Minogue, Dennis Jones. 7th Peter McCray. Anthony Brown. 12th. Peter McCray Cameron Richards. 16th.  Des Scott, Clint Dunn.  Pro Pin: Peter McCray. $73.00. Rundown  to 35.

Captain Max