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5th Hole Configuration

At the Men’s presentation last night, the question was asked ‘is the 5th hole being converted to a Par 3 and if so, was any consultation taking place with golf members’.

The question provides the opportunity to explain the consultation process and the context of change.

As might be anticipated Twin Towns is consulting with the golfers, through the golf member elected representatives on the Golf Management Committee which includes our Captains.

It is well known that the body corporate for the units adjacent to the 5th Hole consider wayward golf balls cause damage to the unit complex, most notably the roof.

Twin Towns have mitigated the risk in a number of ways by implementing protective high fences, barrier trees and an extended internal out of bounds area.

New concerns raised by the body corporate mean additional approaches to mitigate the errant ball risk need to be introduced.

Closing the 5th hole would almost certainly eliminate the risk but provide significant impact on competition golf.

Converting the hole to Par 3 also mitigates the risk although all options are open for the head greenkeeper and Captains to consider.

The meeting with Captains is subject to personal circumstances and the festive season and remains a week or so away.

Golf members should reasonably expect that our Captains will contribute meaningfully to the 5th Hole configuration decision.

The Captains will keep golfers informed on all the related golf issues.

Happy New Year to all golfers.

President Ken