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Captains Post Wednesday 28th November

Today was not a good day for me. Why is the Captain of the Mens Golf Club open for abuse from members because I tell them they were slow. Instead of saying they were, they were abusive and told me I need to have my eyes tested, and I’m a wanker, we were not slow we were waiting for the group in front all the time. No wonder we cannot get members to do this job. I don’t tell people they are slow unless they were. In this particular incident, I watched the group, and could not see the group in front at any stage. The group behind were waiting on the green to clear.
On the 11th hole there were three groups on the hole and then us. The group in question were on the green putting out.
I thought one of my roles is to keep the field moving so the afternoon players can hit off at there allotted time. I find that very difficult to address, when you get abused for doing your job. Resignation comes to mind, and let the members who think they know it all do the job
Max Jessop

2 thoughts on “Captains Post Wednesday 28th November

  1. Also sorry for that too happen.
    The group should pull their head in and be deducted a shot. Good work Max, these are the sort of players that are helping to make the fields smaller, especially in the afternoon.

  2. Sorry to hear that Max. What is wrong with people nowdays. Max is only doing the job us Golf Members voted him in to do. JUST CHILL & KEEP YOUR GROUP MOVING

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