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Melbourne Cup Golf And Function

A very breezy day greeted us for our annual Melbourne Cup Golf and Function. A hot day was predicted and without the strong sea breeze I think we would have melted.
There were some great scores however in both the Mixed and Ladies Events and some spectacular scoring by individuals. Our amazing Betty Hall scored on every hole on the back nine (22pts ) and the Minogues had 3 points on every hole on the back nine but were pipped for a win by Fran and husband Steve by 1 point. Fran had 5 birdies in her round and also a great pin shot.
Our Major sponsors of
the day were Norths who were represented by Lance and Sandra, thankyou for your long standing support at Club Banora.
Winners were as follows:
Mixed Event. Fran and Steve Janes 50 points from Danny and Mary and Mary Minogue 49pts
Ladies Event. Winners Privanda Hawley and Myra Biggar 47pts from Pauline Benny and Betty Hall 44 pts
Rundown to 43 points.
Well we weren’t all able to win on the Melbourne Cup but I’m sure everyone w ho attended enjoyed the golf
Sweeps and raffles. Thankyou to everyone who assisted on the day and I the preparations for the event.
Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️