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Saturday 6th October 2018

Final Round MENS Championship and Monthly Medal.

Monthly medal:      The A Grade was won by Robert Evans with 70 on count back to David Von Itzstein on 70.B. Grade was won by Brian Springfield with 63 from Ken Mount with 64 and C Grade was won by Dean Stockwell 65 wit Stephen Evans runner up with 67.

The NTPs:  2nd MichaelKemp, Allen Danks, Garry Pettit.  7th:  Darryl Davey, Nigel Luxton, Darren Hubery. 12th Brendon Williams, Wayne Muir, Nicholas Davis.  16th : Michael Tink-Hornett, John Faust, David Kammer.

Pro Pin:  Brendon Williams. $66.00.  Lcky draw:Bob Connors. Run down to 70.

Captain Max🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️🏌️