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New Golf Contract Offer – No Change to Existing Contracts

Twin Towns has advised the Golf Management Committee of the details of the new contract arrangements for Golf Membership.  Link to the contract brochure.

The offer of contract payment for Club Banora golf fees is long standing, initially with a contract fee.  In May 2014 the contract fee charge was absorbed by Twin Towns and golfers paid the annual fee in twelve equal instalments.

Between early 2014 and today, members using golf contracts grew from around 15 to 125, significantly increasing the management workload, particularly on the Finance team which has become a debit collector and arbiter for members seeking to break their contracts.

Twin Towns is now offering contracts through a national company that provides this service to a large number of Golf Clubs.  The company has a contract setup fee of $40 and an interest fee for the use of the money of about $40 for the Club Banora membership.

The contract facility is now up and running.  At the contractor’s website, golfers simply choose the Club as Club Banora and enter the correct current annual membership fee for golf ($370).  The web process will then add the contract fees and allow a choice of payment over a minimum of 4 months or maximum of 10 months.

Existing contracts will run their term without any change.