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Saturday 14th April Results

With an exception of a few players, the scores indicate that the rough is still much in play and a place where you do not want to go. A score of 42 points by Micheal Kemp off 9 is phenomenal in these conditions.well done. I still need names for the Pennant sides asap, so put your name up and represent the club.

Results: Div 1. M. Kemp. Div 2. A. Rakovsky
R/up. Div 1. K. Mount. Div 2. J. Wood

NTPs: 2nd. J. Lehkyj. G. Scott
7th. G. Carrey. K. Culpitt
12th. N. Luxton. O. McCallum. Propin was won by O. McCallum $85.00
16th. G. McLennan. A. Boan. (Allan had an Eagle 🦅 on the 15th. 2for5. 6 balls well done)
Ball rundown to 35, not all in.
Winner Lucky Draw: H. Gilbank. The raffle was won by W. Howlett (3). M. Mills (1). T. Maye (1)
👨‍✈️ captain Max
Members who should have been in the rundown: M McKay 2 balls, 1 ball. J. Thompson, M Kenny, A Mcguinness,
D. Killion and W. Muir.