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Ladies Monthly Medal Results

A beautiful day for golf saw some great scores. I hope everyone enjoyed their day, no rain for the first time in a month!!
The results were as follow:

Div 1. Medal winner Pauline Ryan 75 c/b
Runner Up. Galemaree Dawes. 75
Gross. Kaye Mills. 91
Vets. Pauline Ryan 75
Putting. Pat Hodda 29 putts

Div 2. Medal Winner Denise .Culpitt 72
Runner Up. Myra Biggar. 74
Gross. Liz Edwards. 98
Vets. Denise M Culpitt 72
Putting. Jeanette Fisk. 27 putts

Div 3. Medal Winner. Margaret Bee 67
Runner Up. Betty Hall. 70
Gross. Denise Melling. 105
Vets. Margaret Bee
Putting. Coral Rasmussen. 29 putts

Nearest The pins; div 1. 2nd Desley Harrington: 7th Denise Culpitt: 16th Fran Janes
Div 2; 2nd Peggy Williams; 7th Lyn Simpson; 16th Marilyn Berryman.
Div 3; 2nd Denise Melling; 7th Cheryl Kelly 16th Denise Melling 16th Daphne Andersen
Pro Pin was win by Denise Melling.
Run down to 78.

Captain Pauline ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️