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Saturday Men’s Result Monthly Medal

A hard day for our members playing off the Blue Markers. The weather was good, showers held off.

Results:  A Grade   T. Foster 71 nett.   B. Grade   J. Wilson 67 nett.     C. Grade   S. Evans. 69 nett.

                  A.Grade r/up. N. Luxton. 74 nett.  B Grade r/up. G. Treloar. 69 nett.  C. Grade r/up R. Pettyfor. 70 nett

NTPs. 2nd T. Foster.            G Johnston.          D. Kammer

7th. K. Haddrick.       M. McKay.            C. Richards

12th.  M Adams.         M. McKay            T. Waller                              Lucky Draw:   S Melling

16th. R. Mills.              K. Tooley.             P. Hulett.        Pro pin. :  M Adams.   $79.00.  R. Mills. 🦅 eagle at 3  R/down 73