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Wednesday Results

A good sunny day with no showers, The Captain is on a roll with another win. Must be the new job. Had 41 pts and waiting for the wheels to fall off. Congratulations Peter Wazlawek 40 pts on a countback. Well done to all the other prize winners.

Results:  Div 1. Max Jessop. 41pts.  Div 2.  Peter Wazlawek.  40pts c/b

R/Up.  John Skerry 40 pts. R/Up. Dennis Jones 40 pts

Ball rundown to 34 all in

NTPs. 2nd D. Russell.     D. Kammer

7th. T. Neil.            D. Scott

16th. W. Stone.       O. McCallum

12th. A. Simpson.   D. Harrod.                                 Propin:    Dave Harrod.    $66.00