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Pro Rata Payment to Align Membership Dates

From 1 April until 30 June, Twin Towns is offering to internal club members an opportunity to align Club and internal club membership dates. Alignment is to the Club renewal date.

Golfers will be able to ask Island House staff to calculate and receive a pro rata payment that will allow Club membership renewal date to match golf and veteran’s membership dates.

Many golfers already have this alignment for example, Club Membership, Golf Membership and Veteran’s Membership all falling due on 31 December.

Over half of golfers have different Club Membership and Golf Membership dates.

If a veteran golf is happy with three renewal dates then there is nothing to do. If any golfer is ok with different Club and Golf membership renewal dates again do nothing.

If a golfer sees advantage in aligning their Club Membership and golf membership date(s) ask at the Island after 1 April.

The Golf Management Committee is helping golfers remember their golf renewal date via golf system messages viewable on-line or at the Pro Shop touch screen.