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New Golf Membership Fees

Following Board deliberation, the Golf Section is advised that Golf Membership will be $350 effective from 1 October 2017.

The new membership fee reflects the Golf Management Committees’ request to increase the golf club component by $5 (to cover increased affiliation fees to Golf NSW and Golf Australia).  It also contains a Twin Towns component consistent with the movement in golf playing costs in our immediate district.

Veterans Golf Membership also increases by $5 to $20 on 1 October.  The new fee is due to the 2017 increase in veterans’ district and NSW veterans’ affiliation fees – the first increase in a decade.

From 1 January 2018 green fees will increase by 50 cents.  The competition fee remains unchanged at $3.50.

Members will continue to play socially after 3 pm, free of green fee.

Golf at Club Banora continues to be very affordable due to support from community development funding, the Twin Towns December internal clubs one-off grant and strong membership support for golf club fund raisers.

2 thoughts on “New Golf Membership Fees

  1. All the years that I have played and been a member I have always looked forward to having a game on either Monday, Wednesday or Saturday depending on my rostered days off. Over the years I have had great respect for all of our committee members as they have a very difficult and time consuming job. I still can’t understand with two Golf Members as Board members of T.T.S.C. one the Vice Pres. that we still have no say in the works or set up of the Golf Course. I played yesterday Wednesday 04/10/17, I could,nt believe the condition of the Bunkers, surely one of the staff could have started their shift raking the Bunkers. Some of the grassed areas could have waited as the Bunkers were Terribly Crusty and when starting the day in any business it is normal procedure to instruct your staff to do these sort of things as a priority. When our ball is in the Bunkers we have played a bad shot to be in the hazard, but they were bloody terrible. I heard Wayne was not impressed, I don’t blame you mate, it,s about time these sort of problems are rectified.

    • Thanks for your comments. As you say, you are a long term member of the Club and like most other members enjoy the terrific golf opportunities and friendships. I understand the bunker conditions you describe. On Tuesday it rained for the first time in many months and restored the lost 30% of available course water. The rain created pooling in bunkers and some steep face erosion which is common when good rain falls. The wet conditions dictated that fertilisation of the course was the priority. Work in the wet bunkers was at best marginally possible even at start of day Wednesday. No consideration was given to calling off the Wednesday competition due to bunker condition. Your positive comment of the work of Committees is appreciated. Cheers Ken

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