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Saturday 23rd February

What a blow, cyclone Omar really turned it on today. Rain and wind was not a good combination to playing a good game of golf.

Winners: Div 1. Div 2

Shane Woolley 36C/B. David Callard 40 pts C/B

Runners up: Paul Pochodyla. 36 pts. Lee Whichello. 40pts

NTPs: 2nd Trevor Neil, John Olsen, 7th Nigel Lurton, Stewart Melling,12th brendon Williams, 16th. Colin McLeod , Max Jessop.

Rundown to 33pts

LD went to Barry McFadden

Captain Max


Thursday Ladies Results

They say it never rains but it pours and we got a taste of that today as we battled with “Cyclone Omah”! We need the rain but could have done without the windy conditions, seems awful weather plagued us on Thursdays.

Well as usual there are some players who handle the weather better than others and the winning team of Marlene Wyatt, Penny Martlew, Myra Biggar and Pauline Ryan produced the wining score in a 4 person Ambrose of 58 7/8 with runners Up Fran Janes, Olga Little Colleen Kelly and Judy Mount on 65 1/8.

NTP were win by Ruth Williams on 7th and Peggy Williams on 16th. No winner on 11th. Pro Pin went to Ruth Willuams $46

Rundown went to 69 1/4

Next week Ladies we start our medal rounds for the year, let’s hope the weather is a little kinder to us !!

Pauline Ryan ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Wednesday 20th February

With the light scoring and dusting of the greens made the going tough 72 players today.

Winners; DIV 1. Div 2.

Stephen POTHOLE Smith 37 pts. Wayne Martlew 39 C/B

Runners Up: Phil Coles.36 pts. Peter Hulett.39 pts

NTPs: 2nd A Simpson, Wayne Martlew 7th Graham Hopkins, Graeme Baker 12rh Michael Druhala, Lee Winchello 16th Graham Hopkins, Wayne Martlew.

Rundown to 34 pts.

Captain Max


Election of Vice President – Ballot Paper Order

The draw of ballot paper order for Vice President was conducted yesterday afternoon.

The determined order is 1 Liz Edwards 2 Mike Flanagan 3 Kevin Haddrick

Thank you to Secretary, Marlene Wyatt for preparing the ballot documents also to Olga Little and Yvonne Morrison who did the independent number and name draws.

Deputy Twin Towns Chair, Brian Brown was on hand to scrutinise the procedure. Thanks Brian.

President Ken

Sunday 17th February

A great day today, sunny with a good breeze Fourty eight members participated .

Winners: Lyn & Alan Simpson 62

Runners Up: Olga Little & Micheal Tink-Hornett 623/4

NTPs: 2nd Michael Pattison

7th. Wayne Muir

12th Michael Tink-Hornett

16th Michael Tink-Hornett

Run.down to 691/2.

Captain Max


Saturday 16th February

Consistent scuds today with the wind made it a bit tough. We need the rain so I’m not knocking it. Need more to fill the moat and dams.

Match play winners to day: B. Springfield 5/3, G. Treloar 2/1,

I. Strange 4/3 and K. Haddrick. 3/2. Congrats to those members.

Winners: Div 1. Div 2

Michael Tink – Hornett 41pts. David Callard 42pts

Graham Hopkins 38pts. Ken Stockwell 38 pts

NTPs: 2nd Ken Mount, Stephen Robinson 7th Joe Lehkyj Stewart Melling 12th Geoff Muhleisen, John Olsen 16th Alan Danks, Graeme Baker.

Pro Pin: John Olsen. $80.00. Run down to 34 pts

Eagles: Michael Tink-Hornet (6 balls) Terry Foster (6 balls) both on the 18th hole. Congratulations go to both, especially Michael as it is his first game after his injury.

Captain Max


Ladies Thursday Results

Today we played a Texas Team Event, 3 scores to count. The day started out okay but it was not long before we were all digging in our bags for the wet weather gear. After all the hot dry weather we have had, today turned on us with wind and rain from the south. However as usual there were some ladies who had a great game and the winning team was Fran Janes, Desley Dobney, Denise Melling and Yvonne Morrison with 132points. Runnersup were Marilyn Burns, Kelly Wilkinson, Jeanette Fisk,and Doreen Rankine with 124 points. Run down went to 105 pts on c/b.

NTP. Div 1 7th hole Glenda Ballard, Div 2 16th hole Privanda Hawley. pro Pin on 12th Prvanda Hawley $42.

Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Wednesday 13th February

Today we had a change of game, I hope every one enjoyed it, as I did. Made it tough for the three members game, but they got through ok. Eighty one players today.

Winners: D. Scott & D. Davey & G. Hopkins & S. Woolley 134C/B

R/up: J.Edwards & D. Jones & R. Downes & K. Cooper 134.

NTPs: 2nd G. Johnston, James Storey, 7th K. Mount, Ken Walker 12th D. Jones, John Mason 17th. Alan Simpson, Tim Tarlington.

Pro Pin: Dennis Jones $70.00 Rundown to 121.

Captain Max ⛳️🏌️🏌️