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Wednesday 16th January

Weather is still hot as hades, so please be aware and take appropriate water, not beer, to keep the temperature down to a good level. ALERT: Brown snake seen behind the third hole heading for the long grass in the middle. That means don’t get courageous and go inside the fence to find a golf ball. Or you will end up in hospital with a anti venom drip.

Winner: Allen Simpson 41pts. Les Isbell. 43pts

R/up. Graham; Hopkins 35pts. Peter. Mayberry 41pts

NTPs: 2nd Paul Adams, 7th. Alan Simpson, Aaron Garland.

12th: Alan Simpson, Gary Scott, 16th. Peter McCray Peter Mayberry.

Pro Pin: Alan Simpson $65.00, Rundown: 35pts

Captain Max


Ladies Golf

Ladies, welcome to 2019. Although we have not officially commenced our year, many of us are looking forward to playing tomorrow. Please make sure you are prepared for a very hot day, bring lots of chilled water, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen applied and wear a good hat. . If you are being affected by the heat, please get out of the sun and call for assistance.

Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Vets Golf monday 14th jan 2019

A hot day again but a nice breeze to help those that walk (me included) .A good turn up with 72 players .A grade winner David Wallis 38 pts B Keith Cooper 42pts and C Howard Williams 38 pts also rans A Wayne Muir 37 pts B Tony Waller 39 pts and C William (not happy ) McClatchey 38 pts on a countback. Well done to all you boys. Well its red wine time again good golfing cheers capt Dave.

Saturday 12 Jan 2019

A nice cool breeze today made playing a lot easier for some. 82 players went around.

Winners: Div 1. Darryl Davy 39 pts c/b

Runner Up: Robert Evans 39 pts

Div 2. Ken Culpitt 41pts

Runner Up: Tony Waller 40 pts

NTPs: 2nd. Terry Foster, Colin Norton 7th. Robert Evans, Gary Scott 12th. Michael Noakes, Greg Morrison 16th. Paul Pochodyla, Richard Downes

Pro Pin: Greg Morrison. $73. Eagle 18th: Paul Pochodyla. Run down to 35

Captain Max


Ladies Special Events 2019

Ladies the forms for entry into special events for 2019 are now available in the normal place near the result sheets in the Pro Shop. Please select the events you wish to enter and place the form (with name and badge no on it)and the entry fee in the Ladies blue tin. Entries close prior to the first NSW Medal on Thursday 28thFeb 2019.

Thankyou, Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Need some rain to cool down the days. Humidity is certainly turning us into puddles.

Winners: Div 1. Div 2

Steve Smith. 43pts. Dennis Jones. 41pts

R/up: Leon Anesbury 39pts. Aaron Garland. 39pts

NTPs: 2nd. Al Skinner, Dave Harrod, 7th Al Simpson, John Skerry, 12th Peter McCray, Graham Lutton, 16th Owen Mc Callum, Richard Downes.

Pro Pin: Stewart Melling. $72.00. Ball rundown to 35pts

Captain Max⛳️⛳️


Due to the Single Match Play Championship, there will be no regular bookings for Saturday 9th February and 16th February. Bookings will open on Tuesday 22nd January for the 9th Feb, and Tuesday 27th January for 16th February. Any member who has pre booked and is qualified for the Match Play will be removed and placed in a reserved slot for the Match Play.

Captain Max

Vets Golf 7th January 2019

Welcome to another year of fun and games. A hot day to start but some very good scores . A grade winner Joe Lehkyj 41pts B Keith Cooper 40 pts and C Kevin Gilbert 39 pts also rans A Jeff Trichter 40 pts B Tony Mason 38 pts and C Grahame Malley 37pts .Well done to all you boys. Remember no vouchers any more and your winnings will be deposited to your card. That goes for raffle prizes also. Balls for rundown and nearest the pins will remain the same. Well time to crack a nice bottle of Shiraz as i am still celebrating the birth of my first grandson Kobe last friday evening .Cheers Capt Dave.

Sunday 6th January 2019

Another hot day in paradise. Certainly saps your energy. Happy Birthday Peg Williams for tomorrow.

Winners: Peggy Williams & Brendan Williams 591/4

R/up: Lyn Simpson & Al Simpson. 621/2

NTPs: 2nd Barry McFadden

7th Alan Simpson

12th. Karen Cooper

16th. Brendon Williams

Ball rundown to 67.

Captain Max


Saturday 5th January 2019

Hot,hot,hot. Pretty tough going with the heat. Hope you are drinking plenty of water.

Div 1. Div 2. Div 3

Winners: Robert Evans 69. Brian Brown 68. Nick Davis 71cb

R/up: Alan Hubbard 70. Kevin Haddrick 70 Col Norton 71

NTPs: 2nd Grant Treloar, Michael McKay, Dave Harrod

7th. Robert Evans, Michael McKay, Col Norton

12th. David Killion, Brian Brown, Greg Morrison

16th. Terry Foster, Kim Hall, David Kammer

Pro Pin: Alan Hubbard $76.00, Rundown to 72

Captain Max🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️🏌️