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Sunday 30th December 2018

This is my last blog for 2018. Very hot conditions greeted us again, but still managed to have some good scores for the last Sunday. I will take this opportunity to thank Rosie  and Liz for  looking after Sunday presentations. The game on Sunday’s would not be the same without them.

Winners:    Liz Edwards (wife of I never win ) and Peter Edwards (brother of I never win) 52 pts.

Runners Up:  Pat And Colin Hodda. 50 pts

NTPs: 12th only. Michael Pattison, Betty Hall. R/down to 46.

To all our members have a Happy New Year and will see you back in 2019.🎉🎆🎊🍾🍷

Captain Max


5th Hole Configuration

At the Men’s presentation last night, the question was asked ‘is the 5th hole being converted to a Par 3 and if so, was any consultation taking place with golf members’.

The question provides the opportunity to explain the consultation process and the context of change.

As might be anticipated Twin Towns is consulting with the golfers, through the golf member elected representatives on the Golf Management Committee which includes our Captains.

It is well known that the body corporate for the units adjacent to the 5th Hole consider wayward golf balls cause damage to the unit complex, most notably the roof.

Twin Towns have mitigated the risk in a number of ways by implementing protective high fences, barrier trees and an extended internal out of bounds area.

New concerns raised by the body corporate mean additional approaches to mitigate the errant ball risk need to be introduced.

Closing the 5th hole would almost certainly eliminate the risk but provide significant impact on competition golf.

Converting the hole to Par 3 also mitigates the risk although all options are open for the head greenkeeper and Captains to consider.

The meeting with Captains is subject to personal circumstances and the festive season and remains a week or so away.

Golf members should reasonably expect that our Captains will contribute meaningfully to the 5th Hole configuration decision.

The Captains will keep golfers informed on all the related golf issues.

Happy New Year to all golfers.

President Ken

Saturday 29th December 2018

i must admit that the early morning players had the coolest conditions today. It was a heatwave at midday, but we had finished by then. Not everybody can play in the morning, but in the same token, come play in the winter mornings at 7.00 am and you wished you had of stayed in the afternoon. We had a good day with 79 players.

Results:                  Div 1.                                        Div 2

S. Woolley  4o pts                     Maxwell Jessop      39 c/b

Kevin Bartlett   37 pts               Brian Brown   39 pts

NTPs  2nd  Mick Kemp, Richard Downes.   7th  Owen McCallum,  Daniel Minogue.  12th  Robert Evans,  Lee Winchello.  16th  Garry Carey  Brian Brown.     Eagle :  David Killion  18th hole.   ProPin:  Robert Evans  $70.00

Rundown:    36. Pts.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎊🎈🎆 TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF CLUB BANORA GOLF CLUB. MAY YOUR YEAR BE FULL OF HAPPINESS  AND JOY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Thankyou to the Mens Golf Club for putting up with me this year and you will have to do it again in 2019.

Captain Max



Saturday 22 December 2018

The showers in the morning didn’t eventuate, with the exception of a few sprinkles early. A great day for trying to win a ham from The Gentleman’s Three Putt Club Ray Holmes Memorial. Thankyou for your sponsor. I played really well for a second, and a ham. Quite excited.

Results:       Div 1.                                        Div 2.

Winners:  Michael McKay. 42pts.   Richard Downes. 41 pts

R/Up:       Alan Danks. 38pts.           Maxwell Jessop 39pts. c/b

NTPs. 2nd Shane Woolley, Dave Harrod. 7th Alan Hubbard, Ray Hewitt. 12th. Shane Woolley, Colin Norton. 16th Bob Connors, Roger Pettyfor.  Lucky Draw went to Clint Dunn, Pro Pin  Shane Woolley. $67.00. Rundown to 35.

Captain Max.   🎄Merry Xmas 🍾🎉🎊Happy New Year.

Wednesday 19th December 2018

Free day for Wednesday players, 87 turned up to a very hot and humid day.  Don’t forget Saturday, Gentlemen’s Three Putt Club Hams Day. In honor of foundation member Ray Holmes. Must be present to win the hams.

Results:  4BBB.       Winners:  Roger Pettyfor, John Skerry. 50 pts

Runners Up:                               Graeme Johnson, Laurie Kavanah. 49pts

NTPs 2nd Bob Connors, Wayne Martlew. 7th Geoff Johnston, Scott Benstead. 12th Nigel Lurton,Peter Maybury.16th Joe Lehkyj, Ian Payne. Pro Pin :  Peter Maybury $82 . Rundown to 44.

Captain Max🏌🏻‍♂️🏌️

Saturday 15th December 2018

Once again the weather forecasters got it wrong with the storm that supposed to descend apon us, causing  some members to cancel unnecessary. It was windy but no rain.

Winners:                            Division 1.                                       Division 2

Brendon Williams. 39pts.            Alexander Poukov. 37pts C/B (Vis)

Kevin Haddrick. 37pts.                Kieth Cooper. 37pts

NTPs:   2nd Brendon Williams, Roger Pettyfor. 7th Brendon Williams, Ray Wixey. 12th Leon Anesbury, Kim Fiona. 16th Kevin Haddrick, Brian Brown.

Pro Pin:  Leon Anesbury. $65.00,  Rundown to. 34 all in.  lucky Draw:  Kevin Bartlett, Raffle:  Kevin Haddrick (2), W. Muir (1), Michael Kemp (1).

Next Saturday is Gentlemen Three Putt Club Hams Day. Ray Holmes Memorial. Two Man Ambrose. Winners and Runners up receive a Ham each. MUST be present in the Half Way House to receive the prize. If not Prizes will go to the next runner up.

‘Captain Max


Sunday Mixed Party

If there is no comp on Sunday due to inclement weather the celebration is still on!!!!

Turn up around 4.30 as usual.

We will be having our normal raffles and dinner Draw and presentations before dinner. Dinner will be served approx. 5.45

There will also be Xmas raffle tickets on sale and these will be drawn later in the evening. Max says we can have a couple of hams this year.

Don’t forget to bring any donations for the raffles along with you.