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Vets Golf 19th movember 2018.

A very pleasant day with that nice breeze making it comfortable.Some good scores in again. Winners A Kim Thackery 39pts B Wayne (dinghy) Martlew 40pts and C Gregory Seymour 45pts(wowee). Also rans A Stuart Irving 37pts B Dennis Jones 38pts and C Ken (appliance) W00d 39pts. Well done to all you boys.(last group a bit sus need to do a swab test ha ha) Greens and course looking good thanks to Roger and his team thanks boys. Well thats it time for u no wat yes merlot tonight good golfing cheers capt Dave.

Sunday 18th November 2018

Another day in paradise, rain stayed away.

Winners:  Pat Hodda & Colin Hodda. 51 pts

Runners up:  Katrina Springfield & Brian Springfield. 49 pts

NTPs 2nd June McFadden   Daniel Monogue

7th Kaye Mills      Percival Dempsey

12th Liz Edwards. Greg Morrison

16th Galemaree Dawes.   Ken Walker

Ball rundown to 44.

Congratulations goes to Pauline Ryan for her Hole In One on the 4th November on the 16th hole.

Captain Max. 🏌️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Saturday 17th November 2018

The weather is heating up, so time to make sure you are carrying plenty of water, sunscreen and a good hat. Very humid today.

SLOW PLAY: some morning members are becoming very slow, very close to five hour golf.  I’m not naming names, but I will take action if they consistently lag behind  and make no attempt to keep up to the members in front of them. Your place is behind the people in front of you, not in front of the people behind you. No more talking, or excuses as to why you are slow because I’ve heard them all over the years.

Results:    Winners:  Patrick Hayes & Garret Carey. 59 1/2

Runners Up:              David Killion & Micheal Tink-Hornets 60 1/2

NTPs:    2nd B. Preston 7th. N. Davis 12th. S  Robinson 16th. T Baker. Pro Pin:  S Robinson. $85.00

No Lucky Draw.  Raffle: Tim Pooley. (3).   Nick Davis. (1).  Bob Connors (1) Rundown  66.

Captain Max⛳️🏌️⛳️🏌️

Ladies Thursday Golf Results

A great day for golf today with 51 members playing a Texas Team Event. Was lovely to see Denise and Kerry out on the course after a long absence. The greens were in great condition today and we did find some very tricky Pin placements. Well done Rodger on the recent green renovations.
It was interesting to play today using the new rules which will come into play on 1st Jan 2019. Strange feeling to drop the ball from knee height and even stranger to putt with the flag in whilst on the green. Many of the new rules will help speed up play.
Some great scores were returned and the winners carded 142 points. Congratulations to Fran Janes, June McFadden, Maren Cooper and Jenny Malley who amassed this great score. Runners Up with 130 points were Bev Culpitt, Daph Andersen, Robyn Beattie and Doreen Rankine, well done. NTP. 2nd. Kaye Mills, 7th Liz Edwards, 16th Cheryl Kelly.
Pro Pin was won by Maren Cooper $50.
Look forward to seeing everyone enjoying the lovely spring weather next week, take care.
Pauline R. ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Another 😎 sunny day and the greens are starting to run true if the scores are any indication. Xmas party nominations are closed as we have a full house. $30 dollars in the red tin please.

Winners:                         Div 1.                                    Div 2.

David VonItzstein. 40c/b.               Derreck Russell. 43pts

R/up:        Graeme Veivers. 40pts.                    Dennis Jones  40pts

NTPs:  2nd Ray Tume, Cameron Richards. 7th David VonItzstein, Ken Wood,  12th Graham Hopkins, Terry Trevitt. 16th  Phil Coles, Cameron Richards.  Pro Pin:  Terry Trevitt  $63.00. Run Down to 37pts

Captain Max🏌️⛳️🏌️⛳️

Saturday 10th November

I’m back, and I do apologize for my absence, but I have moved house and the trouble you go through to get your internet transfer is rediculous.  We had 91 players today, which is very good. Xmas party is nearly full. With the exception of a couple of slots. Once filled anyone who wants play will have to go on a waiting list. Put your money in a envelope in the red tin. 30 bucks per head.

Division 1.                                          Division 2

Winner:   Bob Connors. 40 pts.                          Geoff Johnston  44 pts

Runner Up:  David Killion.  39 pts.                    Ron Roberts. 41 pts

NTPs: 2nd Alan Danks, Mark Jessop.  7th. Kevin Bartlett,  Clint Dunn,  12th. Gary Carey, Richard Hardie

16th Trevor Neil,  James Wood.   Pro Pin Colin Norton. $83.00

Run down to 35pts. Lucky Draw:  Cameron Marshall                         Raffles.   Mick Davey (3 ).   L. Anesbury. (1). Bob Connors (1).

Captain Max 🏌🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♂️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️

Ladies Thursday Results

A large field if 55 competed today in a Canadian 2stroke event. Conditions were good and the expected rain and strong winds did not eventuate, just a few drops.

Winners were Marilyn Burns and Desley Harrington 72 with Fran Janes And Privanda Hawley 72.2 runners Up.
NTP 2nd Pat Hodda 1st div. K Wilkinson. Div 2
7th Kaye Mills 1st Div. D Rankine. Div 2
16th Marilyn Burns. 1st Div. Daph Andersen. div 2
Pro Pin. Ruth Williams. $54

Thanks ladies for a great turnout today

Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Melbourne Cup Golf And Function

A very breezy day greeted us for our annual Melbourne Cup Golf and Function. A hot day was predicted and without the strong sea breeze I think we would have melted.
There were some great scores however in both the Mixed and Ladies Events and some spectacular scoring by individuals. Our amazing Betty Hall scored on every hole on the back nine (22pts ) and the Minogues had 3 points on every hole on the back nine but were pipped for a win by Fran and husband Steve by 1 point. Fran had 5 birdies in her round and also a great pin shot.
Our Major sponsors of
the day were Norths who were represented by Lance and Sandra, thankyou for your long standing support at Club Banora.
Winners were as follows:
Mixed Event. Fran and Steve Janes 50 points from Danny and Mary and Mary Minogue 49pts
Ladies Event. Winners Privanda Hawley and Myra Biggar 47pts from Pauline Benny and Betty Hall 44 pts
Rundown to 43 points.
Well we weren’t all able to win on the Melbourne Cup but I’m sure everyone w ho attended enjoyed the golf
Sweeps and raffles. Thankyou to everyone who assisted on the day and I the preparations for the event.
Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Vets Golf Monday 5th movember 2018

Bloody hot out there today boys I sweated out a 6 pack and 2 bottles of red after 5 holes but Idid replace lost fluids with plenty of H2O the rest of the day.Remember to quench your thirst often to avoid more funerals. Well Some great results today A winner Ray Mills 40 pts on count back B winner Col Norton 43 pts and C Tim Tarlington 42 pts. Also ran A Ray Tume 40 pts B Ken Walker 41pts and C Bob Mc Elveny 40pts well done to all you boys. Remember boys get your teams together for xmas party 3rd December $30 each and put in red tin.Well thats it red time cheers capt Dave.