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Saturday 29th September 2018

Third Round Mens Championship.

I am not having much luck with the weather so far. Keeps blowing a gale, and there was a threat of a good thunderstorm, which thankfully went around us. Let’s hope the final round will fare better next week.

Terry Foster won the A Grade with a 69 nett to Mat Adams 69. Nigel Luxton won the B Grade with a good score of 65 nett with Michael Noakes  69 nett. Stephen Evans won the C Grade with a 66 nett to Terry Trevitt with a 71 nett.

NTPs: 2nd Matt Adams, Kev Bartlett, Cameron Richards. 7th Kieran Gallagher, John Faust, Darren Hubery, 12th Al Hubbard, Trevor Neil, 16th Al Hubbard, Alan Boan, Cameron Richards.

Pro Pin: Al Hubbard. $82. Run Down to 72.  Lucky Draw:  Dave Harrod.  Raffle: Paul Adams. (3), Bob Connors (1). Alan Danks (1).

The rundown of the Championship are posted on the notice board also Monthly Medal next week. I can’t tell you anything more about the points system being introduced as an up to date version has been posted by the President, both on the blog and newsletter. For those who are still in the running for the Championship. Good golfing and good luck.🍀

Captain Max 🤪🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️

Developments Since the Mid-Year Update

Points for Prizes

Twin Towns is migrating internal clubs away from paper vouchers.  The Committee has asked Twin Towns to allow the Golf Club to use the Points system for Golf Club competition and raffle prizes commencing from 1 January 2019.

By then Members Advantage Kiosks in all Clubs will allow golfers to view their Points balance and see their past 30 days transactions including their golf prizes.  The Captains will provide the detail of how the transition relates to their competitions and raffles.  Thank you to our Treasurer for his considerable effort to ensure that the best solution is achieved for golf members.

Membership Fees

The Twin Towns Board has approved new annual membership fees of $370 allowing the Golf Club component to increase to $70.  Daily playing fees will also increase by 50 cents.

Golf Membership Contracts

Twin Towns advise that Golf Membership Contracts will be outsourced to reduce the work of the Club’s finance section.  Golfers will incur an administrative fee of $40 in the first instalment and a percentage charge of the annual fee, about another $40.

Green Renovations

Due to growth conditions, the green renovations are now scheduled for 22 to 25 October.

A paper version of the Mid-Year updated and these recent developments will be provided in the Pro Shop and Island House for golfers who do not access Club blogs.

Thursday Ladies 4bbb

A great field of 51 were on the course today to play in a 4bbb event. We were able to play two divisions today due to the generosity of our members who were trophy donors today.
The winners of Div 1 were Fran Janes and Privanda Hawley with a score of 48. Runners Up were Bev Culpitt and Ruth Williams 45.
Div 2 winners were Olga Little and Lyn Simpson 47 c/b from Jill Toscano and Pauline Benny 47.
NTP 2nd Div 1 K Mills. Div 2. P Benny
7th. Div 1 J McFadden. Div 2. M Brown
Pro Pin K Mills $50
Rundown to 40 c/b

I spoke to our lovely Betty Hall late today and she was happy for me to let everyone know that she hopes to play golf on Sunday and also on OBE day next Thursday. We look forward to seeing Betty back at golf.

Thank you all for your patience today.

Pauline R ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Vets Golf 24th september 2018

Well boys lucky with the weather today. Course looking good thanks Roger. Some good scores in .A John Kraus 38 B Roger Pettyfor 42 and C Clifton Deacon 41 also rans APeter (fisho) Mccray B Steve (best pizza maker ever) Wilkinson and c Charles Rankin well done to allyou boys. Remember next monday back to daylight savings time so all u red necks across the border will have to get up an hour earlier.Dont be late. (beer at public hols prices bring extra dosh )O kay that time of day RED Time cheers capt Dave. Enjoy life its toooo short.

Sunday 23rd September 2018

A summers day with a small breeze greeted the Irish ☘️ teams that participated in this event. Some wore just a touch of green, while others went the whole way, with all sorts of paraphernalia. The trophy donors Barry, June Olga and Ray looked really good, but the winners of the green team were Ken and Judy, Pat and Colin. Ken wore a green pork pie hat, green bow tie, terrible green mustache,  green shirt and trousers and worst of all were the green bumble bee stockings, with a pair of thongs. A really good day was had by all members, reminded me of the days we used to have skits. Thanks Rosie, but I heard the Beefeaters are coming to put you in the tower for using the Queens picture for your green theme. Well done

Winners: Liz & John (I never win) Edwards, Mary & Danny Minogue.    94

Rinners Up:  Kay Mills & Ross Telfer, Rosie Connolly & Dale Park. 93

2nd Trevor Ballard,  Bev Culpitt.  7th. Greg Morrison,  GaleMaree Dawes.  12th Dan Minogue, Liz Edwards. 16th Wayne Muir,  June McFadden. Rundown  to. 89

Captain Max 🏌️☘️☘️☘️

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Men’s 2nd Round Championship

The wind is slowly dying down. Good scores again for the Championship with Michael Wood taking out the A grade with 67 nett, closely followed by Alan Hubbard with 69 nett. B grade went to Graham Hopkins 68 nett, with Michael Druhala close with 69 nett,  C grade went to Paul Quinlan with a good 66 nett on a c/b to Gary Scott. Well done. Moving day next Saturday for the Championship.

NTPs:  2nd Grant McLennan, Trevor Neil, Ron Roberts. 7th Alan Hubbard, Nigel Luxton, Terry Baker. 12th Michael Kemp, Wayne Woodford, John Lane. 16th Alan Hubbard, Michael Druhala, John Olsen.  Steve Robinson had an Eagle on the 4th Hole. good one Steve. Pro Pin:  Woody  $81.00. Rundown to 72.  Lucky draw:   Hayden Gilbank    Raffle:  Roger Pettyfor  (3)  Tom Maye  (2).

Note in your Program Book.

The GREENS RENOVATION has been put back from 8,9,10,11th of October to 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th of October.  Wednesday the 10th of October will be a single stableford.

Captain Max

Ladies Thursday results

Our gold medal playoff was held today and in extremely difficult conditions Myra Biggar was the winner with a net score of 69. Congratulations Myra, a great result for you after the health battles you have overcome.
The rest of the field played a single stableford and good scores were returned in this field also.
The winner was Judy Mount on a countback from Pauline Benny with a score of 39. Well done ladies.
NTP. 2nd div 1. Kaye Mills. Div 2. Kelly Wilkinson
7th. “. Kaye Mills. “. Doreen Rankine
16th. “. Pauline Ryan. “. Robyn Beattie
Pro Pin. Myra Biggar $45
Run down to 35 c/b

Ladies please make changes in your programme books due the change of date for the green renovations
Tuesday 9th October Single Stableford
Thursday 11th Oct. Single Stableford
Tuesday 16th Oct. Single Stableford
Thursday 18th Oct. remains as programmed
Tuesday 23rd October no golf (renovations)
Thursday 25th October. Single stab (if course open)
Thursday 1st November Special Events Presentation game will be
Team of 4 best scores to count
Thank you ladies.
Pauline Ryan ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Another very windy day, blow a dog off the chain. 89 players and scores were very low.

Winners:                       Div. 1.                                          div. 2

Ken Doherty. 38 C/B.              Robert Reading. 38 pts.

Runners Up:            Graeme Veivers. 38 pts.          Bill McClatchey. 37 C/B

NTPs:  2nd:  Timothy Deacon, Danny Minogue. 7th:  Jim Leuver, Ivan Beazleigh. 12th:  Alf Williams, Wayne Howlett,  16th:    Ken Doherty,  Graeme Baker. Pro Pin: Wayne Howlett. $75.00. Rundown to 34 pts.

Captain Max 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️🏌️⛳️