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Saturday 28th April Results

Eighty one members started, but due to some heavy showers during the day, some sixty members finished. A very wet day overall. Pennant teams will be sorted next week, and team names and captains will be named on this blog, so watch this space.

Men’s Stableford: Div 1. Div 2

Winners. F. Watego. 40pts. R. Connors. 39pts
R/up. K. Gallagher 34pts c/b O. McCallum. 34pts

NTPs: 2nd. S. Woolley. B. McLennan
7th. J. Lehkyj. R. Downes
12th. Max Jessop. Mark Jessop.
16th P. Pochodyla. J. Dalley
Rundown to 33 all in. Lucky Draw: A. Danks $20. Raffle: M. Coyne (2), T. Trevitt (2) J. Wood (1)
Pro pin went to (and very much appreciated) Max Jessop $77.

👨‍✈️ Captain Max

Thursday Ladies 26th April

Beautiful day for golf . We had 50 players and played a club favourite an Ambrose. Winners were Marilyn  Berryman,Fran Janes, Pat Hodda and Kaye Mills with a score of 61 and 1 eighth with the runners up being Penny Martlew, Olga Little, Peggy Williams and Ruth Williams with 64 and 1 quarter.

we wish our pennant team well for their first match on Monday and also the team playing in the Sir Bruce Small also on Monday.

Coming up we have Invitation Day on the 17 th May. And our Club Championships starting on the 24th May.

See out on the golf course

Liz E

Golf Results Saturday 21st April

Saturday the 28th of April will be changed to a Single Stableford from a Stroke round. There will be no change to the bookings.
Results: Div1. Div 2.
S. Woolley. 39 pts. A. Boan. 37 pts
R/up. L. Anesbury. 38 pts. M. Coyne. 35 pts c/b
NTPs. 2nd. K. Bartlett. R. Hardie
7th. W. Muir. R. Downed
16th. P. Pochodyla. J. Stores
12th. M. Kenny. M. Coyne
Lucky Draw: A. Hughes. $20. Pro pin: M. Kenny. $79. Raffle: C Dunn. (3) J Leuver (1)
👨‍✈️ Captain Max

Ladies golf results 19th April

Congratulations to all winners for our 4bbb played in beautiful conditions. Due to our generous members sponsorship were able to play two divisions and the winners were as follows:
Div 1. Penny Martlew and Kaye Mills 47 pts
R/up. Liz Edwards and Fran Janes. 44pts
Div 2. Kelly Wilkinson and Pauline Benny 48 pts
R/up. Daphne Andersen and Cheryl Kelly 44pts
NTP. Div 1 2nd Liz Edwards Div 2 Daph Andersen
7th Ruth Williams. Muriel Murray
Open 16th Lyn Simpson

Run down went to 39 all in.

Don’t forget to get your entries in for our Captains Invitation Day on May 17th. Name and money in the blue box in the pro shop

Pauline R

Wednesday 18th April results

There were only 59 players today who didnt look at the radar or listened to there mates telling them it was going to pour all day. Those that played went around without getting wet. Still need more starters for the Pennant sides, so put your name down if your interested.
Results: Div 1 L. Anesbury 36 C/B Div 2 P. Adams 42 (good score)
R/Up W. Muir 36 R/Up D. Minogue 39

NTPs: 2nd J.Edwards J.Storey
7th N. Luxton A. Skinner
12th S. Wooley K. Wood
16th M. Jessop D. Minogue
Balls went down to 34
Captain Max

Saturday 14th April Results

With an exception of a few players, the scores indicate that the rough is still much in play and a place where you do not want to go. A score of 42 points by Micheal Kemp off 9 is phenomenal in these conditions.well done. I still need names for the Pennant sides asap, so put your name up and represent the club.

Results: Div 1. M. Kemp. Div 2. A. Rakovsky
R/up. Div 1. K. Mount. Div 2. J. Wood

NTPs: 2nd. J. Lehkyj. G. Scott
7th. G. Carrey. K. Culpitt
12th. N. Luxton. O. McCallum. Propin was won by O. McCallum $85.00
16th. G. McLennan. A. Boan. (Allan had an Eagle 🦅 on the 15th. 2for5. 6 balls well done)
Ball rundown to 35, not all in.
Winner Lucky Draw: H. Gilbank. The raffle was won by W. Howlett (3). M. Mills (1). T. Maye (1)
👨‍✈️ captain Max
Members who should have been in the rundown: M McKay 2 balls, 1 ball. J. Thompson, M Kenny, A Mcguinness,
D. Killion and W. Muir.

Wednesday results Men’s Golf

I have posted the Men’s Pennant Team list On the notice board in the Pro Shop. I need more starters,so put your name in if you are interested in representing the Golf Club.
Results today: D1. D. Davy D2. W. Martlew
Runners up: D1. S. Woolley. D2. R. Pettyfor
NTPs. 2nd. P. McCray. D. Scott
7th. T. Neil. S. Melling
12th D. Dave’s. R. Downes. PROPIN : D Davey. $62.00
Captain Max