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Numbers were down in field size today but still some good scores DIV 1 Wayne Stone a win with 41 points from Alan Simpson with 39 points and in DIV 2 Graham Hopkins had 42 points from John Mason on 41 points.Ball rundown 37 all in and Pro Pin was Mike (flash) Flanagan.Happy Golfing

Wayne Muir


AGM Notice – Notices of Motion – Call to Fill Vacant Committee Positions

Club Secretary, Marlene Wyatt has posted on the Club Notice Board(s) notice of the


To be held in the Island House on Saturday, 17th March 2017 at 2.00pm DST

Registration will be from 1.30pm DST – ballot papers will be handed out after 2.00pm DST


  • Consideration and adoption of the Annual Report
  • Presentation and adoption of the Balance Sheet and Financial Statements
  • Notices of Motion
  • General Business that may be brought forward in accordance with the Constitution and Rules
  • Election of Officers for the coming year

Notices of Motion to alter the Constitution by Special Resolution are hereby called for. These Notices must be in writing, duly signed and submitted to the Secretary, by 12 noon on 13th February, 2018.

Notices of Motion for consideration at the Annual General Meeting are hereby called for. These notices must be in writing, duly signed and submitted to the Secretary, by 12 noon on 13th February, 2018.

Nominations for the positions of Captains (Men, Ladies, Veterans) and Member Representatives (Men, Ladies) are open and will close at 12 noon on 13th February, 2018.

Nomination Form Club Banora Golf Club

Work Commenced on Bridge Replacement

Today work commenced on replacement of the out-of-commission bridge.

The service pipes and cables are exposed and the implications being further accessed.

Golfers should anticipate that the water service from the chiller behind the Ladies 10th Tee will be out of action while the bridge is replaced.

Water bottles may be filled at the Island House or after teeing off, members will need to wait until they reach the amenities block near the 6th Tee.

Great to See Nick Davis back after a break

Bob Connors looks on as today’s Division 1 winner Alan Danks collects his prize voucher.

Five hours earlier Bob, who is today’s Division 2 Runner Up was preparing himself for the round with talkative playing partner, Nick Davis.

Nice dress Bob. Glad Nick’s back.

Tee time partners Nigel Luxton and Wayne Stone were also pleased to see Nick back. Suspect they are looking for tee group internal team wins until Nick is back in full form.

Great to see Nick back after the shoulder operation. His legend survives.


Great scores in both divisions today with Alan Danks winning DIV 1 with 41 points from Colin McLeod 39 points and in DIV 2 Jim Leuver with 41 points from Bob Connors 38 points PRO PIN John Dalley and ball run down 36 all in NORTHS REAL ESTATE lucky dinner draw was Kev Haddrick        HAPPY GOLFING

Wayne Muir



Tour Eagle to Dave Harrod

Committee Member, Dave Harrod followed the Veterans golf trail in January to Tasmania where he played at the picturesque Tasmania Golf Club. The course is situated on Barllia Bluff and has a signature Par 5 hole that is edged by the bluff.

Dave hit a good drive to be well placed on this challenging hole. A second shot was not as ideal and left Dave in the short rough just off the fairway – out of sight of the green. With 260 meters still to the green, Dave played a 3 Wood which sounded good off the club and playing partners said “You will like that Dave”.

When the group reached the green Dave’s ball was not to be seen and Dave started to walk back along the line the ball might have travelled.

As might be expected the ball was in the hole and Dave had his first Eagle. Good one Dave!

You should have got more than one ball for your effort Dave.  Maybe the Treasurer will buy you a beer next Monday.

Thanks for all the great work you do with the Committee and particularly the Vets.


Just to let all know that you may see a number in your messages when you log in to the touch screen,this is a new way for the golf club committee to contact you and pass on information to you.Please check as often as you can to keep up to date with golfing matters

Wayne Muir



Welcome back to an old member back on holidays with a nice win in DIV 1 was Kevin Casey with 41 points from Stuart Irving with 39 points and in DIV 2 on a count back Col Norton from Steve Wilkinson both on 39 points.Run down to 35 points and pro pin Graeme Veivers.

Wayne Muir