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A good field of 95 contested today’s single stableford with Div 1 winner coming from the last group , Alan Danks with 40 points from runner up Wayne Muir on 39 points and Div 2 ¬†James Wood also 40 points from Kev Bartlett on count back also 40 points.Pro Pin won by Jim (jungle) Storey and NORTH REAL ESTATE lucky draw was Ken Mount.Ball r/down 36 all in. Barrys Surprise Golf had 3 winners with Jim Wood $75 for his 40 points.Alan Danks made $35 and Mick Kemp won $25 for his 37 points.In closing I would just like to thank Ron White for all his help to me and this golf club and wish him all the best in his move to Brisbane.You are welcome back anytime Ron you will be missed.

Happy Golfing

Wayne Muir


Golf Surprize RESULTS



Wayne Woodford – 41pts – $20

Allan Danks – 39pts – $10

Wayne Muir – 39pts – $25

Geoff Johnston – 39pts – $25

Nigel Luxton – 39pts – $10

Michael Druhala – 39pts – $20

Les Browning – 36pts – $10

Dennis Jones – 34pts – $10



David Harrod – 45pts – $15

Clint Dunn – 41pts – $15

Kym Fiora – 40pts – $20

Geoff Muhleisen – 39pts – $40

Stewart Melling – 39pts – $10

Terence Trevitt – 39pts – $20

Brent McLennan – 38pts – $20

Merv Evans – 37pts – $25



$295 WON



Thanks to “The 3 Putt Club” for their sponsorship of 5 hams for today’s competition.If you are interested in being in the 3 putt club it’s open for everyone and you also in their 20 cent club which you pay 20c to other members who have a better score than you on comp days and 50c for every 3 putt,$1 for 4 putt.every year they have bus trips as well as end of year BBQ pontoon which is paid for.Please see Brent Mclennan,Ken Mount or Nigel Luxton.

Hams winners for today were Div 1 Wayne Woodford 41pts from Richard Quine 39 pts on count back and Div 2 Dave Harrod with 45 pts from Clint Dunne with 41 pts.NORTH REAL ESTATE lucky dinner draw was won by Ron Roberts and lucky draw for another ham was won by Dave Harrod.

Pro Pin won by Geoff Muhleisen , 3 balls in rundown to Allan Danks and Kym Fiora and ball run down 36 all in

Happy Golfing

Wayne Muir



A smaller field today (80) may be heat to much for some,good score for Div1 David Von Itzstein 38 pts from Nigel Luxton 37 on count back and Div 2 Derryk Russell with 40pts from jim (jungle) Storey on 39 pts.Pro Pin was Des Scott and ball rundown 35 all in.HAPPY GOLFING. Don’t forget HAMS DAY Saturday must be there or someone to collect for you.

Wayne Muir


Mixed Competitions Bookings, Ladies first please!!

Thanks to all for the support of Sunday Golf. We have experienced a few issues running reports for presentations over the last few months and we have isolated a possible reason. It is all about who books for the comp, or more specifically, who is in the first and third rows.

It would be appreciated if when booking, you could put the ladies name in the first column, the men’s in the second, the ladies in the third and the men’s in the fourth column.

Mostly the bookings are made by the ladies so this should not inconvenience many of you.

Just remember, ladies first!

Thanks very much



A large field of 102 contested for Wayne Newtons sponsored ambrose event with the over all winners being Alan Hubbard and Kev Haddrick with 59.5 off a 3.5 hcp, The runners up who also where the morning field winners were Graham Hopkins and Robert Sheppard also on 59.5 off a 9.5 hcp. Everybody in the field received a little bonus when they played and the ball rundown went to 64.5 and pins were 2nd Blake Keogh,7th Alan Hubbard,12th Gary Scott also the pro pin and 16th Wayne Muir these pin trophys were provided by Wayne Newton as well as 2 balls from golf club.We seemed to have a bit of trouble with the computors and could not get a print out of the field so a lucky card was drawn by Roz from behind the bar as there are 2 names on the card we will give two $20 vouchers 1 each to Peter Huelett and Graham Baker.Congratulations to all the winners hope all had a good day,next Saturday will be a hams day sponsored by The 3 Putt Club 5 hams on offer conditions are you must be there to collect if you have won otherwise the prize goes down the line so if you are in morning field and have a good score please phone pro shop to arrange for pick up of prize if warranted.


Wayne Muir