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To be held in the Island House on Saturday, 18th March 2017 at 2.00pm DST
Registration will be from 1.30pm DST – ballot papers will be handed out after 2.00pm DST
• Consideration and adoption of the Annual Report
• Presentation and Adoption of the Balance Sheet and Financial Statements
• Notices of Motion
• General Business that may be brought forward in accordance with the Constitution and Rules
• Election of Officers for the coming year

Notices of Motion to alter the Constitution by Special Resolution are hereby called for. These Notices must be in writing, duly signed and submitted to the Secretary, Penny Martlew by 12 noon on 14th February, 2017.

Notices of Motion for consideration at the Annual General Meeting are hereby called for. These notices must be in writing, duly signed and submitted to the Secretary, Penny Martlew by 12 noon on Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 or may be placed in the Blue Tin in the Pro Shop.

Nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are open and will close at 12 noon on 14th February, 2017. All nominations must be in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Secretary, Penny Martlew by the closing date or they may be placed in the Blue Tin in the Pro Shop.

Nomination forms are available from the Secretary, the Golf Club Room and the Club Banora golf Club website www.clubbanoragolfclub.com.au

Penelope Martlew


Golf Club Constitution and Administration

The documented description of the Golf Club administrative framework has matured in 2016.

A little back ground is provided for those members who are interested.

The Twin Towns Board endorsed a generic constitution for all internal clubs and the approved Golf Section version which can be accessed from this link. 2016 GolfClubConstitution

Twin Towns has also provided an Internal Sections Handbook to help committees understand overall Club strategy and to help with day to day running of internal club administration.  The handbook is a living document which is updates as situations require. Internal Clubs Handbook Updated 2 June 2016 Core  and

Internal Clubs Handbook Updated 2 June 2016 Resources

The Committee has also been working on a Golf Club specific handbook which details decisions that determine golf operation. It is a draft that will continue to be updated as circumstances and the Golf Management Committee see fit.  Club Banora Golf Club Handbook

The next stage of progressing the framework will be at the 18 March Golf Club AGM where the Captains will ask members to provide them with the opportunity to select their Vice Captains.  A motion to allow this step will be distributed to members in late February.

Thank you to Committee Members for the many hours put into developing and reviewing these documents and to the Twin Towns Executive for their guidance.

Discount Playing Fee at Murwillumbah Golf Club

The Boards of Twin Towns and Murwillumbah Golf Club have formalised the general agreement that, within the Northern Rivers District, visiting club members are offered discounted playing fees.

Club Banora members are able to play a social round of golf at Murwillumbah Golf Club for $25. Members can confirm their entitlement by showing the Twin Towns Membership card which displays Golf as an internal club or by verifying their Club Banora Golflink number.

Full details follow.

Alteration To Daily Scratch Rating (DSR)


20 January 2017

To – All Australian Clubs

Dear All,

Subject: Completion of 2016 Review & Monitoring of GA Handicap System • LOWER LIMIT OF D.S.R. TO BE CHANGED TO 1 BELOW THE SCRATCH RATING (from the current limit of 3 below) – TO TAKE EFFECT AT 5.00AM ON MONDAY 30 JANUARY 2017


• From 5.00am on Monday 30 January 2017 the lower limit of the DSR will be one (1) below the Scratch Rating. The upper limit will remain unchanged at four (4) above the Scratch Rating. (Currently a DSR can be calculated by GOLF Link within a range of three (3) below the Scratch Rating and four (4) above the Scratch Rating.)
• This change will be 100% enacted through GOLF Link. There will be no requirement for any change by Tier 3 providers or clubs.
• The change will increase the likelihood of a player’s handicap reducing by a more appropriate amount as a result of a very good score. This is because the lower the DSR is permitted to go, the less the player’s handicap reduces as a result of a good score – and this change will further restrict downward DSR movement.
• As we move into the heart of the period of the year where many Australian golf courses are typically at their easiest, this change will apply some downward pressure to handicaps and consequently to Stableford scores. Whilst this change is not designed to lead to a major adjustment to net scoring patterns, it is intended to better meet the preferences of our constituents.


Golf Australia conducted a body of work in 2016 to review the GA Handicap System. This review was conducted as a health-check on the handicap system following the introduction in January 2014 of Slope, DSR, and Stableford handicapping of Stroke rounds.

The review work included two major analytical pieces:
1. An extensive statistical analysis.
2. A handicapping survey of all Australian clubs.
A summary of the findings of these analytical pieces is available via the 3 August 2016 story on the following GA webpage – www.golf.org.au/newsandcommunication

Level 2, 111 Coventry Street, South Melbourne Victoria 3205 Australia
Telephone 03 9626 5000 Facsimile 03 9626 5095 Website www.golf.org.au
Reg No. A0048256Z ARBN 118 151 894 ABN 54 118 151 894

Primary considerations for GA in assessing all of the review findings

In deciding whether to make any refinements to Australia’s handicapping procedures, GA has given priority to the following key considerations to emerge from the review:
• That whilst some marginal issues were discussed by the industry, it desired that GA maintain the core elements of the system for the foreseeable future.
• That several themes of clear feedback to arise from the review work all fed into the following single concern – when a player returns a very good score during the ‘easier scoring months’ their handicap has not been adjusting downwards to an appropriate extent. This effect is more notable in the southern states. The various factors feeding into this concern are:
1. A clear frustration with the scores required to win many large-field net events during the ‘good scoring months’.
2. Statistical analysis clearly demonstrates that the competiveness of players with single-figure handicaps decreases during the ‘easier scoring months’.
3. A clear frustration within some clubs that an effect of permitting the DSR to range as low as 3 strokes below the Scratch Rating helps to prevent very good scores from leading to appropriate handicap reductions.
• Any changes to the handicap system should seek to keep disruption to clubs and golfers to an absolute minimum.
• Note: Via the survey, GA received a significant amount of feedback requesting that we try to find a way to use real score data in GOLF Link to aid the process of determining Scratch Ratings and Slope Ratings. Further to this feedback we directed our statisticians to develop some formulae that would achieve this objective. State Associations will soon have access to new GOLF Link functionality for this purpose.

Future steps

Golf Australia will continue to monitor the GA Handicap System and will periodically survey Australian clubs over the coming years with a view to having the handicap system align as closely as possible to the preferences of our constituents.

We also continue to pay close attention to developments regarding the World Handicap System that is being jointly constructed by the R&A and the United States Golf Association.

Please contact Simon Magdulski in the GA office if you have any questions (simonm@golf.org.au).

Yours sincerely,

John Hopkins OAM Chairman – Golf Australia

Update on Greens

Thank you to Tony Brown for his comment about ‘COOCH’ in the greens.  The running grass does try to invade our greens during summer.

The Greens Team has already commenced a poisoning procedure and brown marks can be seen on the greens where this work has started. A concerted effort will be made over the next week or so to get all greens overhauled but the task will remain ongoing.

According to visitors and many members who travel, our greens are as good as, if not better than, most around the place.