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40 Points Plus Scored by Sunday Winners

A nice day attracted a good size Sunday field for single Stableford competition.

Max Jessop played some of his best golf of recent times to be only one over Par off the stick after the first 8 Holes. The terrific start included three 4 Pointers and two 3 Pointers which were the core of a 25 Points first nine. Solid golf from Holes 12 through 17 that included two more 3 Pointers ensured Max’s 41 Points and a good Sunday win. Congratulations Max. Below Max (right) reflects on his round at Presentation after receiving his prize voucher from Vice President, Rosie Connolly (left).

Well done to Men’s Runner-Up, Greg Morrison who had good reason to be happy with his Sunday as he was the only other Men’s player to match handicap on the day. Greg was ready to play from the first tee and started with 5 for 4. He soon added three 3 Pointers to his card and amassed 17 points after 6 Holes. The back nine started more slowly but included two more 3 Pointers and Par at the 18th Hole. Good one Greg seen below at Presentation.

Ladies player Lyn Simpson recorded the best score of the day, a sensational 42 Points. Congratulations Lyn on your great play and win. Lyn played solidly from the first tee and had regulation points after three holes. She accelerated her card with 4 Pointers at the 4th and 6th Holes. Three more points at the 8th Hole provided a card with 20 Points. Lyn’s back nine was even better with four points at the 11th Hole and four 3 Pointers over the next five holes for a second nine of 22 Points. Good one Lyn who could not lose her smile as she reviewed the round with the group at Presentation. Rosie (left) listens intently as Lyn (right) tells her story.

Judy Mount carded an excellent 41 Points and must be wondering about taking the Runner-Up voucher. Judy played extremely well and can take pride with scoring on each hole. Her round included 4 Pointers on each side along with three 3 Pointers on each nine. Well done and congratulations Judy, seen below at Presentation.

Overall the Ladies out played the Men today as reflected in the Rundown which went to 34 for Ladies and 31 for Men. Well done to all in the Rundown.

NTP player of the day was Pauline Ryan who scored 39 Points in the competition with text book swings at the 3rd and 7th Holes for two NTP wins. Well done Pauline.

Also in the well done category was Ladies Captain, Denise Culpitt who scored 39 Points.

Ray Mills Major Saturday Prize Winner

Today’s ideal conditions attracted a playing field into the ninety players. It was the first Saturday of a more generous prize structure that responds to member requests.

Congratulations to Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan and his Sub Committee for delivering membership expectations of revising the competition prizes.

The prize pool is now still subject to field size but will be ordinarily $50 first prize and $30 Runner Up. The Rundown is by Division or Grade ensuring there will be a Rundown in each Grade. The Rundown cut off will often be different between Grades or Divisions. The first three players in the Rundown receive two balls each.

Congratulations to Division 1 Winner, Club Champion Michael Wood. Michael had a terrific round of 40 Points that included a one under Par back nine. Good to see you play well.

Ray Mills, Division 1 Runner Up took home the biggest prize booty of the day. He had 39 Points. His first nine included 2 Birdies and comprised 20 Points. His swing at the 3rd Hole was excellent and resulted in NTP and importantly the $82 PROPIN. Congratulations on a very successful day, Ray.

Michael Kemp, Jared Brown and Mark Kenny each received 2 Balls because they finished in the top five in their division and the 1 Ball Rundown went to 35 Points although not all in.

Jim Leuver was the Division 2 Winner with a very good 41 Points. Jim played to his handicap on the first nine but was on fire through the back nine with three Birdies, each worth 4 Points and boosting his back nine total to 23 Points. Nice play Jim, congratulations.

Michael Noakes continues to show the good form that he produced as C Grade winner of the match play Championship and was today’s Division 2 Runner Up with 40 Points. After a slow first nine, Michael found his best form adding 4 Pars to his card in a total of 24 Points for the nine. Well done Michael.

In the top five Rundown for Division 2 were Stephen Watkins, Mark Jessop and Paul Quinlin who each received two balls for their sub handicap effort.

The Division 2 Rundown of one ball went down to 36 Points all in.

Congratulations to all of today’s winners.

Ten Vets in 40 Points Club

Outstanding scores were a highlight of today’s Veteran’s Stableford competition played in good conditions for golf.

The best score of the day was 45 Points and showed on the card of Michael Pattinson. Michael had a sensational first nine being only 8 over Par off the stick and recording 25 Points. Michael’s second nine was tame by comparison but included a darn good 10 Points on the last three holes. He had 5 Pars and looked more like a Vets A Grader than a member of C Grade. Terrific day Michael congratulations and well done on your C Grade win.

One shot further back was C Grade Runner Up, John Bell who is equally entitled to take considerable satisfaction from his round. John had three 4 Pointers and two 3 Pointers in an outward nine of 23 Points. His back nine of 21 Points was more consistent golf which saw points scored on each hole including five 3 Pointers. Excellent play John, great day out.

It is important to recognise the 41 Points efforts of Bill Ward, Charles Rankine and Brian Doyle who played so well and must be wondering how they took home a Rundown ball rather than a prize voucher. Bill and Charles takes away the enjoyment and consistency of scoring on each hole. Nice golf guys. Brian also has a 24 Point first nine to be very satisfied with. Good one Brian.

Ken Wood, the B Grade winner was also on 41 Points. Ken’s first nine has highlighted as being only Gross 8 over Par with a 4 Pointer and four 3 Pointers in a total of 22 Points. He added another 9 Points over holes 10 through 12 with a Birdie at the 12th Hole. Congratulations on a good win on a day when high scoring was the standard.

Well done also to B Grade Runner Up, Ron White. Ron played consistently throughout his round and produced a very good swing at the 7th Hole which with a solid putt which provided Birdie. Ron’s back nine included four 3 Pointers and was largely without blemish. Good to see you take home a voucher and thanks again for the work you do for golf.

It is reasonable to guess that no Vet will be surprised that Ken Doherty played well inside his age again today with a Gross score of 77. Congratulations Ken on being the A Grade winner. Ken first nine was very solid but it was his second nine that ensured he passed 40 Points. After 4 Pars outward, Ken has 2 Birdies and 4 Pars on the second nine. This 2 over Par nine for 23 Points is indicative of Ken’s skills. Another good day Ken.

Ken’s second nine of 23 Points relegated Club Treasurer to A Grade Runner Up on count back. Ray has been playing good golf in recent rounds and has been consistently in the better-than-handicap category. Today’s 40 Point total was marked by half the holes being played to Par. Terrific consistent golf Ray – well done. Thanks for your work for the club.


Can’t forget Cliff Deacon who was also in the 40 Point club. Nice golf Cliff.

Notice Stuart Irving was on the NTP list again. Today with a good shot at the 7th Hole. Congratulations Stuart.

Wood, Stone & Noakes Graded Match Play Champions

Michael Wood has added the 2016 A Grade Match Play Championship to his long list of recent Championship wins. Congratulations on your high standard of play in the final which provided a solid 4&3 win over Dean Love who also played good golf. Below Michael (left) receives the Championship trophy from Club Captain, Mike Flanagan (centre) and Men’s Sub Committee member, Ron White (right).

The B Grade Championship was won by Wayne Stone with a similar margin over Phil Coles. Wayne struggled all week with the flu but was never going to miss the final. He had the dream start winning the first hole. Phil was not going to be denied and immediately returned the match to level pegging at the 2nd Hole. After a squared 3rd Hole Phil played the dog leg 4th Hole with finesse to take the match lead. Wayne responded at the 5th Hole and the match was again square, the way it remained until Wayne went 1 Up after nine. The 10th Hole was squared then Wayne played well off the 11th Tee to extend his lead to 2 Up. Phil demonstrated he was not out of the match and bounced back with an important win at the 12th Hole. Wayne then stamped his mark on the Championship with a series of good swings and solid putting through holes 13, 14 and 15 where the match finished. Congratulations Wayne on your win and for adding this title to your 2015 Handicap Match Play Championship win.

The C Grade Championship was the tightest of the finals. It pitted the wily old fox against the young gun and was a worthy match up. Playing good solid golf from the outset, Mike Noakes dominanced through the first nine and the match turn a one sided 4 Up. Those who know the Men’s Captain understood not to dismiss him from the match. Over the next eight holes, Mike Flanagan drew on his extensive match play experience and levelled the match after 17 Holes. The Championship then rested on the 18th Hole and was a fitting conclusion to determine the Championship between the top two seeds. Mike Noakes’ strong drive provided the perfect final hole start and when he consolidated with a terrific second shot the Championship was well within his grasp. The next two strokes ensured the Championship was his. Congratulations to the two Mikes and well done to Mike Noakes on his C Grade Championship win. Below Captain, Mike (right) presents the Championship trophy to his nemesis and spoke highly of the match and Mike Noakes (left) play.

The complete Championship results follow.

Special thank you to Men’s Sub Committee member, Mike Mills for the Championship presentation photos.

Last group player steals the Saturday Chocolates

Ideal conditions attracted high eighties players to Saturday Stableford.

Morning players Michael Kemp and Stephen Evans each scored 40 Points and set the day’s standard which lasted until the last group player card was listed on the leader board at 4.15pm.

Congratulations to Paul Quinlin for his outstanding round of 43 Points and the best score of the day. Paul was the Division 2 winner with eleven 3 Pointers in a round that started with 20 Points on the first nine. The 10th Hole added 2 more Points to his total. Paul then proceed to play ‘single figure’ golf for the remained of his round that included 4 Pars in the sequence and 6 Pars for the day. The closing eight holes showed seven 3 Pointers. Great round and special back nine, Paul. Well done on your round and win.  Below Paul (left) receives the winner’s voucher from Captain, Mike Flanagan.


Michael Kemp played the best Division 1 round today and continued the good form that he displayed as a key member of our Champion Pennant team. Mick played excellent golf from the 1st tee and pared the first six holes. He turned three over with 19 Points. His second nine was even stronger with book-end Birdies at the 10th and 18th along with 4 Pars. Mick finished with a Gross 74 and had plenty to be satisfied with in his day out. Congratulation Mick, nice play.

Stephen’s 40 Points provided him the Division 2 Runner Up voucher. He pared two of the first five holes and amassed 14 Points by then. He completed the outward nine with 22 Points. The momentum continued after the turn with 3 Pointers at the 10th and 14th Holes and a card showing 32 Points. Three points from Holes 14 to 16 slowed the card but Stephen rallied with 5 Points from the last two holes and a solid back nine of 18 Points. Lots of good golf today Stephen, great job being in the 40 Points ‘club’ – congratulation on your round today.

Terry Foster again played strong consistent golf and was Division 1 Runner Up with 39 Points. Terry carded two Birdies and 9 Pars. Well done Terry.

Notice Dave Harrod is again at the top of the Rundown list, today with 39 Points. Also NTP at 2nd Hole.

Congratulations to all on the Rundown that went to 35 Points.

Laurence Pettinari’s Early Round unchallenged in Mid-week Play

Laurence Pettinari played early on Wednesday and set a pace that could not be mowed down.

On an ideal winter day, Laurence’s 42 Stableford Points was the best score of the day and provided him with the Division 2 winner’s voucher. His win was convincing and 5 Points better than the Division 2 Runner Up, Terence Trevitt. Terence was in close competition with the amiable Bill McClatchey and took home the Runner Up prize on count back. The count back advantage resulted from 22 Points on the back nine being better than Bill’s 20 Points. Well done guys.

Division 1 Winner was Tim Deacon, playing off 9, with the only other 40 Point score of the day. Tim scored 3 Birdies and was only 5 over Par on the Day. Excellent Golf Tim.

Runner Up in Division 1 was decided on count back between young guns and members of our 2016 Champion Club Pennant team, Russell Evans and Jared Brown along with Club mainstay Derryk Russell.

The count back favours the back nine and five 3 Pointers by Russell provided him with the Runner Up’s voucher, leaving Jared and Derryk to top the Rundown list.

The Rundown went to 35 Points

Congratulations to all mid-week winners.

Rain Deters Some Vets

Light rain at the prime tee off times discouraged a few today but all starters completed their round and suffered only marginal inconvenience due to the rain.

A Grade

Congratulations to Daniel Minogue who was today’s A Grade winner with 39 Stableford Points. Dan drove the ball well starting from the first tee. He was consistently on the fairway. Importantly he played well to and around the green. Dan was two over Par after six holes and when he had 16 Points on his card. He turned with 20 Points and then added 19 more including a three points Par at the 18th Hole. Nice golf Dan, well done.

Terry Scofield’s 37 Points for A Grade Runner Up was popularly received at Presentation. Terry’s card was highlighted by a 4 Points Birdie at the 5th Hole. Like today’s round Terry continues to play a lot of consistent golf and has taken home a prize voucher 5 months out of 7 months this year. Good-on-yah Terry.

B Grade

Sub Committee member and tireless worker, Ron White took home the B Grade winner’s voucher with a very solid 39 Points. Ron played outstanding golf in the middle of his round where from the 5th Hole to the 12th Hole he had six 3 Pointers and scored 22 Points. He closed out his round with 4 for 4 at the 18th Hole. Congratulations Ron terrific play and thanks for your work for the Club.

Well done to B Grade Runner Up, Barry Jurd. Barry started slowly and had only 18 Points on his card after 12 Holes when he found form. He proceeded to play the last 7 Holes at 4 over Par and added 19 Points to his score. Great sequence of play.

C Grade

Congratulations to C Grade winner Allan Corke who played the only 40 Points round of the day. Allan started well and had 12 Points after five holes that included a wipe. He turned on 19 Points. A very satisfying aspects of Allan’s round was his second nine which was played largely without blemish. He scored on every hole and totalled 21 Points with three 3 Pointers. Terrific day Allan, well done.

C Grade Runner Up was Les Isbell. Today, Les played by far his best competition round this year. His 38 Points could easily have been larger as he missed scoring on the 1st and 10th Holes. Not distracted by a start-up miss, Les was able to score four 3 Pointers and close out the first nine with 18 Points. The last three holes of Les’ round were sensational and made the difference. Les closed his round with a 4 Pointer at the 16th Hole and a Birdie 5 Pointer at the last. Terrific day Les, well done.

NTP Player of the Day

Not surprisingly Ken Doherty features in the Vets stories of the day. Ken was again in the Rundown list and his score included two very good club swings at the 2nd and 7th Holes. Both NTPs were sufficiently close to deny those that followed. Nice play Ken, as usual. Well done. Below, Ken enjoys today’s presentation.

The Rundown went to 35 Points and it was good to see James Rowan, Ray Sharp and Greg Dawes who also won NTP at the 16th Hole on the list. Noticed that Don Culpitt was in the Rundown for the second week in a row. Well done also to regular prize winners and Rundown ball winners – Wayne Howlett, Ross Elkington and Ross Telfer.

Nominations are open for the District Invitation day hosted by Club Banora on 15 August. The competition is Stableford with an 8 for 8.30am Shot Gun start. Nominations close on 1 August. Nominate via the Red Tin. Entry fee is $20 which includes a sandwich for lunch.


Strong Support for 2016 Mixed Foursome Championship

Thank you to large number of members who supported the Mixed Foursome Championship. It was one of the largest fields since the single golf club was formed in 2011.

The Championship success was built on the work of Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan and Sunday competition manager Vice President, Rosie Connolly along with the strong support received from sponsor North Estate.

Special thank you the North Estate representative, Jennifer Meagher for attending the Presentation and assisting with awarding the prizes. Below Rosie(left) introduces Jennifer(right) at Presentation where our Vice President pointed out that Jennifer is able to provide members with all the North Estate services of buying, selling and renting property. Jennifer is based at the North – Banora Point location and has regular contact with staff and managers at North Estate head office located at Tweed Heads.

Jennifer said thank you for the hospitality that she received and enjoyed meeting our members. She has followed up today to say that North will update the ‘green bin’ that has been used for the raffle draw since the 1990s. North are long term major Banora Golf sponsors and the time is right to upgrade their icon symbol that appears in so many of recognition photos. Thanks Jennifer.

Jennifer’s business card follows and provides her contact details.

Congratulations to all Championship prize winners and especially our 2016 Mixed Foursome Champions, John and Lis Edwards, pictured below after receiving the Champion trophies from Jennifer.

The playing conditions were not conducive to low scores and many of the trophy winners spoke of surprise at receiving a trophy. Champion, Lis said she was not use to playing off the Blue Tees but gain that opportunity on three occasion today. She went on to say that John also played some outstanding shots and that he putted very well. John said he was pleased to see how good Lis played off the Blue Tees.

Division 1 Runner Up Galemaree, took the Blue Tee conversation and reiterated her love for Wayne even though played off six Blue Tees.

Also a special thank you Committee Member, Wayne Muir who stepped in with back room help when Mike was unexpected called away.

Spare a thought for those of us who finished further back, no surprise that there were some quiet moments in many of the buggies. The after competition presentation was the best part of the day for many teams.

The friendships are what makes Sunday golf special and Championship day a high point of the year.

The following link provides a collage of the presentation photos.





2016 Mixed Foursome Championship Results


2016 Mixed Foursome Championship





Trophy or Donor:

North Estate

No of Players:


  Nearest The Pins        
Hole   Hole


  Run Down








1 J Edwards & L Edwards Gross Winner


M Jessop & M Biggar Gross Winner


2 W Muir & G Dawes Gross Runner Up


K Cooper & M Cooper Gross Runner Up


3 A Simpson & L Simpson Nett Winner


G Malley & J Malley Nett Winner


4 J Skerry & C Kelly Nett Runner Up


S Melling & D Melling Nett Runner Up


5 M Dobney & D Dobney Rundown


R Culpitt & B Culpitt Rundown


6 K Mount & J Mount Rundown


P Dempsey & R Williams Rundown


7 M Jessop & P Ryan Rundown


K Haddrick & J Haddrick Rundown


8 R Quine & R Connolly



G Morrison & Y Morrison Rundown


9 W Martlew & P Martlew



B Jurd & B Jurd



10 B Wilkinson & K Wilkinson



D Minogue & M Minogue



11 K Culpitt & D F Culpitt



D Culpitt & D M Culpitt






A Bee & M Bee






J Roberts & K Campbell






B Brown & M Brown