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LADIES IRISH 4 BALL 31/03/2016

The sheet for the Irish 4 Ball on the 31st March is now open so could you please check that your team entry is correct as previously the sheet was for a Single Stableford and names were entered incorrectly.
If you have any queries could you please contact Barry in the Pro Shop or Myra.

AGM Day Characterised Banora Golf at its Best

Thank you to the 116 members who attended our AGM. This was an exceptional effort by members and means that over one third of our Club members contributed to discussion and decisions taken on the day. If the attendance ratio was translated to our parent Club the Twin Towns AGM would attract over 13,000 members!

The meeting was supported by Twin Towns Chair, Michael Fraser, Deputy Chair, Brian Brown who was appointed to manage the election component of the meeting and Board Members Mark Day and Ross O’Leary who acted as scrutineers for the vote count. Thank you to Michael who also assisted with the significant task of vote collection.

Members were provided with summary following summary of 2015/6 highlights.


The President, Ken Culpitt in his report described the strong position of the Club and referred to the Twin Towns Board commitment to the Golf course evidenced in the summary highlights, increased participation in competitions and by social players as well as the sound financial position and depth of member volunteer contribution to administration of the Club.

The Captains reports were accepted without question and the quality of the report by the Treasurer, Ray Tume was applauded by all present. Member discussion during the Treasurer’s report reflected a unanimous member position that competition free days be favoured as an important way of returning cash surplus to members.

General Business provided robust discussion and all members that contributed are thanked for vital input. Major suggestions were about the role of the Member Representatives and the appropriateness of a contribution as Vice Captain. The course configuration attracted discussion including reducing the long walk to the 7th by changing the hole to a Par 4 and also re-grooming the internal out-of-bound fence edges. Interval time at tee off was raised as an issue particularly in respect of walkers and their ability to ‘keep up’ with cart players.

The election provided a change in the Men’s and Ladies Captains and to the member representatives.  Thank you to Secretary for an already published blog on this topic.

The President thanked all out going Committee Members for their contribution and welcomed new Committee members.

He also thanked the Secretary, Penny Martlew for her major contribution to making the AGM a success and recognised the efforts of Denise Melling and Membership Officer, Diane Hughes who registered all meeting attendees and supplied them with voting papers.

At the close of the AGM, Michael Fraser took the opportunity to announce that Max Jessop is being proposed by the Board for Twin Towns Life Membership.  This is a great honour for Max and more detail will be blogged in the next few days.

While members enjoyed a cold drink after a meeting taken past the hour mark by the voting, the new Captains could be seen working with each other and Sub Committee members on the business of the year ahead.

The Morning Golf Competition

The pre meeting Golf competition attracted over 80 members with the Ladies AGM day participation at the highest level since the combined Golf Club was formed in 2011. Thank you Ladies for adding value to the day’s Golf and it was great to see the strong whole-of-club spirit.

Congratulations to Captain Max Jessop for ensuring that each of the interested members were allocated a tee start.

The 4BBB competition catered for teams of Men/Men, Ladies/Ladies and Men/Ladies. While many anticipated the competition would be dominated by the Men, it was the medley teams that were top of the Leader Board.

Congratulations to Team John Skerry / Colleen Kelly for another winning performance with 44 Stableford Points. It was a significant achievement in a large field on a heavy course with little run. John and Colleen are fine individual golfers and come to the fore in team events by their strong understanding and commitment to team play. It is this discipline that ensures the team’s basic points are secured first, leaving the partner to attack for the extra point. Excellence in team golf and a good win in a big field – well done. John and Colleen are pictured below just prior to their prize winning presentation.

The Leader Board showed two teams, John and Liz Edwards & Ken and Denise Culpitt, one point behind the winners. While Ken and Denise started with 13 Points from their first four Holes, it was John & Liz’s second nine 23 Points that allowed them the countback for the Runner Up. John and Liz are shown below enjoying their strong golfing performance and the social atmosphere of the post AGM meeting. Nice one John & Liz and Ken & Denise.

The only other prized offer on a day when the primary focus was on the AGM was the Pro Pin at the 3rd Hole. The Ladies looked set to win this substantial prize through the efforts of staunch play by Denise Melling. It took a text book swing by the current Men’s Club Champion, Michael Wood to take the Pro Pin voucher away from Denise. Nice pin shots and congratulations to Michael for a close to Hole-In-One. Pictures follow.

Thank you to all members who contributed to the landmark AGM day.


I wish to thank all members who attended Club Banora Golf AGM and wish to advise the Committee for 2016

President: Ken Culpitt
Vice President: Rosie Connolly
Secretary: Penny Martlew
Treasurer: Ray Tume
Men’s Captain: Michael Flanagan
Ladies Captain: Denise Culpitt
Veteran’s Captain: Wayne Martlew
Men’s Representative: Wayne Muir
Ladies Representative: Myra Biggar

Thank You

I would like to thank the members  at today’s AGM who showed confidence in my ability to take on the role as Ladies Captian. I look forward to devoting my time to this position. Thank you to the Ladies sub committee members who have kindly taken the reigns until my return from overseas.

I would also like to recogise the commitment of the Ladies Catptian in the last two years, Olga Little.




Issue with New Booking System for Sunday Medley Competitions

This blog relates to Sunday competitions. Members playing on other days need not be concerned.

Thank you to Kel Wilkinson for her early use of the new web booking system and identifying an issue with booking Ladies in Sunday competitions.

Members should make Ladies Sunday bookings via My Bookings NOT Competitions.

The issue is being resolved by our software supplier.

The follow procedure works. Members can also use the old on-line booking system or call the Pro Shop until the issue is resolved.


How to Book Ladies Members into medley events using the new booking system.

1 Login and access My Bookings

2 Click and view any booking.

3 Use Tee times selection to find medley event

4 Book Ladies Member using Me or from Buddy List

Five Vets Score 40 or more Stableford Points Today

Five Vets topped the Leader Board with scores in the 40s. A terrific effort on a day where there was very little run after yesterday’s heavy rain.

Congratulations to John Skerry who playing off 14, returned the best score of the day, 42 Points. John recorded 3 Pointers on 50% of the Holes! Great day out John.

C Grade Winner, Tim Tarlington played his best golf in 2016 and takes home his first Winner’s voucher this year. Tim played the 5th/14th exceptionally well and added 8 points to his tally from these Holes. Good job Tim.

Peter Malone was the B Grade Winner with 41 points. He was consistent all day and started and completed each nine with a 3 Pointer. Congratulations.

C Grade Runner Up, Laurie Kavanagh was also in the 40 Points ‘club’ and is taking home a second prize voucher this year.

B Grade Runner Up, Dennis Jones also scored 40 Points and was Runner Up for the second time in the past three Mondays.

On hand to receive their prize vouchers were Tim (left), John (centre) and Laurie (right), pictured below.

Other handicap breakers were on 39 Points, A Grade Runner Up Colin Norton and Ross Telfer. Also Treasurer, Ray Tume broke handicap with 38 Points. Well done guys.

68 Vets enjoyed the Monday competition.