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Play Underway in 2015 Ladies Singles Club Championship

The 2015 Ladies Singles Club Championship is underway and is being played in ideal autumn conditions.

The Championship is played in 3 Divisions with rounds today and next Tuesday and next Thursday.

The Veteran’s Championship is played over two rounds.

The 2015 Veterans Champions will be presented with their trophies on Tuesday and the Ladies Club Champions next Thursday.

Good golfing to all Ladies participating in the Championship.

Special thank you to the Ladies Captain and her Sub Committee for their organisation of the event.

Also to sponsor June Holmes for her prize to the Over 70’s Net Winner in C Grade.

The following photo shows action at the 10th as the first-off A Grade group completes the hole.

Men’s Pennant Teams Start Season with a Win & a Loss

Great start to the pennant season by our Team 2 boys who defeated Ballina 4&1/2 to 2&1/2.  All matches were tight. Well done to our team for holding their nerve.

Team 1 found the Yamba team too competitive and went down 2 to 5.  Congratulations to Brian Arnold and Ian Strange who were our winners on the day.

Good luck guys in the next round.

Congratulations to Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan for his selection of pennant playing shirt.  Our teams look professional in their Forty Winks sponsored shirts.



Men’s Pennant Teams Ready for 2015 District Season

The 2015 Men’s Pennant teams received their shirts last night ahead of their opening round matches today. Special thank you to sponsor Forty Winks for their support of the team.

Richard Quine is captaining our No 1 team for the first time and Club Champion, Michael Wood will play in our lead off place.

The team is Michael Wood, Nigel Luxton, Joe Lehkjy, Ian Strange, John Baddeley, Brian Arnold and Richard Quine.

Max Jessop is captain of team 2 and brings considerable experience to the role. Max is proud to be playing alongside of his Mark who is a team debutant.

The team is Max Jessop, Ray Tume, Tony Brown, Barry Jurd, Jim Wood, Wayne Howlett, Barry McFadden and Mark Jessop.

Guys all the best for the Season.

Special mention and thank you to Barry Jurd who worked tirelessly to recruit members for pennant play.

2015 Men’s Single Match Play Final

The finals of the 2015 Men’s Single Match Play were played in very blustery conditions. The greens had some tricky pin placements and the wind even significantly impacted on putting. Three putting was not uncommon and at least one four putt helped keep one of the matches alive.

Congratulations to 2015 Champions.

A Grade – Michael Wood (right centre below), B Grade – Mike Grills (left below) and C Grade – Bob Connors (right below). The winners are pictured below after trophy presentation by Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan (left centre below).

Well done also to the Runner’s Up who played well throughout the Championship – Nigel Luxton (A Grade, right below), Wayne Howlett (B Grade, left below) and James Story (C Grade, centre below).

Special thank you to the Men’s Captain and his team for management of the Championship and particularly to Mike for his choice of trophies.

More Speed of Play Comment

Golf Australia has urged all club committee members to take on board the findings of a new pace of play survey.

 The Survey revealed that a quarter of clubs – representing one third of total club membership numbers – have a serious level of concern regarding pace of play evident in male events, yet only 16 per cent share that view within female events.

 The Report shows actions to address concern for pace of play include the promotion of ‘ready golf’, thinning rough, penalising slow play offenders, clearing areas adjacent to playing areas to prevent five-minute ball searches and using friendlier hole locations.

 Club Banora Captains already promote ‘ready golf’ and in recent weeks the greens staff have reduced the height of rough areas. Captains have also stepped up dialogue with groups that regularly fall behind play. The issue of friendlier hole locations remains on the agenda and is currently under review.

 The majority of Club Banora members are thanked for their attention to golf etiquette and particularly their respect for keeping up with play.