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Ladies Draw 6th November Texas Stableford

7.30 P Ryan, K Wilkinson, D Melling, J Jones

7.36 L Edwards, O Little, H Evans, M Bee

7.42 P Williams, M Cooper, L Schneider, J Harrison

7.48 J McFadden, M Berryman, F Tedesco

7.54 P Martlew, M Mason, D Gronn, J Mayo

8.00 B Johnson, R Beattie, T Payn, M Storey

8.06 P Hodda, J Mount, P Hawley, J Toscano

8.12 J Malley, D Hughes, C Kellock, D Biggs

8.18 D Harrington, M Brown, H Williams, M Murray

8.24 H Smith, C Johns, J Woolley, L Ablett

8.30 B Culpitt, R Way, M Meekings, D Leopold

8.36 R Williams, J McQuillan, B  Hall, K Palmer

8.42 N Douglas, D Andersen, E Pleasance, M Minogue

Peter Hulett – Achieves Ultimate Stroke at 3rd Hole

Congratulations to Peter Hulett for his great play today.

Peter played a Hole-In-One shot at the 3rd on his way to scoring 39 Stableford points.

The HI1 at 3rd made Peter the day’s major prize winner taking the NTP, ProPin and the HI1 special prize.

Peter was ‘on song’ at the 7th for another NTP and the sponsors Club Clean prize.

Terrific play Peter! Well done.


Course will be closed Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st October for green renovations.
Normal competition resumes Wednesday 22nd October.

SATURDAY November 1st
Please check your tee time as all times have been moved forward 1/2 hour.

Extra Driver Care on Saturday Mornings

Saturday golfers will have noticed that the Tri Club competition has commenced. Tri Club athletes run and ride along Leisure and Darlington Drives as well as the service road to the buggy sheds and practice area.

Most members reduce speed when they drive near the Tri athletes and give way to Tri athletes as they turn into the Club Banora carpark and access road near the tennis courts.

This year Golf Club members who access the buggy shed service road on Saturday mornings from 7.45am to 8.15am need to take extra care as the youngest of Tri athletes – entry level really little kids – do their bike section on the service road. The young ones have little experience dealing with cars at any speed and car drivers need to exercise the greatest care near these youngsters; especially at the sharp right hand turn behind the pool.

Golf members are thanked for taking a cautious approach as we share the Club Banora precinct with Tri athletes.