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The following players who have won Monthly Medals during the 2014 year contested for the Medal of Medals.
K Mills, P Williams, R Connolly, Dee Anderson, D Gronn, H Evans, Daphne Andersen, J Holmes, J Jones, M Meekings and C Keating and the WInner in a closely fought battle was Daphne Andersen.
Congratulations to Daphne.
Come along next week for the OBE Day where you will see the Medal of Medal Winner in Action and celebrate with all our fit over 80 Ladies who participate in Golf weekly.

2014 Men’s Handicap Fourball Foursome Championship Winners

The media here in Vancouver has only just picked up on the Club Banora 2014 Men’s  Handicap Fourballl Foursome Championship result – Probably the time difference.

Terrific news to hear of the win by Tom Maye and Ron Roberts.  Great play guys well done and congratulations.

At a Club where there are so many gentlemen and members that it is a pleasure to be paired with, Tom and Ron are a benchmark. Both gentlemen came ‘down the hill’ from Terranora in 1984 and played in the foundation year of the fledgling Club Banora Golf Club.

It is great to see their name on the 2014 Championship winners list – 30 years on.

Well done to the Men’s Captain and his Sub Committee for offering the handicap Fourball Foursome Championship.

Ladies Foursomes Championships

Ladies Foursomes Championships


                                                                Gross Winner                    Runner up          


Div 1                                                      P.Ryan                                  K.Mills

                                                               B.Johnson                           P.Hodda


Div 2                                                      O.Little                                 D.Melling

                                                               D.Hughes                            J.Toscano


                                                                Nett Winner                       Runner Up


Div 1                                                      P.Williams                           D.Davidson

                                                               J.Malley                               P.Peck


Div 2                                                      M.Murray                           M.Cooper

                                                               M.Minogue                        J.Harrison

Rundown to 161 all in



The final round of the Vets championships were held in inclement weather. Congratulations to all the Winners and to all who participated.
Results are as follows: A Grade Gross Dave Wallis 156, R/Up Patrick Hayes 160, Nett winner Cliff Henderson 139, R/Up Steve Smith 141.
B Grade Gross Barry Jurd 179, R/Up Roger Pettyfor 185, Nett Winner Barry McFadden 146, R/Up John Dalley 148.
C Grade Gross Bill McClatchey 190 R/Up Peter Malone 192, Nett Winner Thomas Byrne 139,R/Up John Williams 140.

Draw Day 1 Ladies Foursomes Championships

7.30  K Mills, P Hodda, P Ryan, B Johnson

7.36  K Campbell, N Douglas, D Harrington, J McQuillan

7.42  J McFadden, R Williams, P Martlew, H Edwards

7.48  D Davidson, P Peck, P Williams, J Malley

7.54  B Culpitt, C Johns, J Mount, M Biggar

8.00  J Woolley, M Brown, J Lawton, M Meekings

8.06  O Little, D Hughes, D Gronn, M Berryman

8.12  B Hall, C Manthey, D Melling, J Toscano

8.18  M Cooper, J Harrison, D Leopold, R Beattie

8.24  K Wilkinson, J Haddrick, M Murray, M Minogue

8.30  J Jones, C Kellock, J Holmes, J Mayo

8.36  D Snelling, M Bee, B Jurd, C Keating