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Banora Ladies Go Down Fighting

Banora Ladies travelled to Mullumbimby today in an attempt to retain the Boomerang Sheild. With a hard fought battle Banora lost 6, won 1 and drew 1.

A great day was had by all with some wonderful putting ,chipping ,and text book golf shots.

However the best shot of the day was Ruth,from Mullumbimby, who had the ultimate shot on the par 3 12th,with a hole in one, the Banora Ladies in that team decided they would concede the hole as there was little to no chance of beating Ruth. Well Done Ruth.

The Boomerang does come back, well at least for this year to Mullumbimby. The Banora Ladies look forward to next year where we anticipate the Boomerang will come back to Banora.

Thank you to our Hosts for a terrific day.


Boomerang Shield Draw

Olga advises the following:

Members play in order of combined handicap and the Captain has put them in order regardless of buggies as they have buggy players at the end of the field. Ladies please wear your Banora Ladies Club shirt.

Meeting in carpark at 7.30am,  cost 20.00 per player which includes green fees, sandwiches for lunch and tea/coffee with cake. Buggies own expense, 4BBB matchplay.The handicaps are before the M/M.

Team in Order of Play:

9.00        Kerrie Campbell                Judy Stephen                    39.2

9.06        Denise Culpitt                    Kellie Wilkinson                41.4

9.12        Penny Martlew                 Denise Melling                  44.9

9.18        Olga Little                            Myra Biggar                        46.0

9.24        Peggy Williams                  Jill Toscano                          51.7

9.30        Maria Anesbury                Dorothy Biggs                    53.2

9.36        Dee Davidson                    Doreen Leopold               53.9

9.42        Carmen Sawyer                Joan Harrison                     55.9

More Course Progress Today

The ‘speed to market’ continues.

Yesterday’s discussion between the Captains and Bob McCowan about the landing zone for a Par 4 3rd Hole has turned to implementation today.

The hedge on the right edge of the Par 3 Tee at Hole 3 is removed and an alternate Par 3 tee below the old 2nd Green has started taking shape.

The Men will hit across the water to the 3rd Green for Par 3. The Ladies will also have a Par 3 opportunity if the left edge of the water is filled in to reduce the water carry.

The current 3rd tee area is being reshaped and turfed to be suitable as a landing area for both the Men and Ladies from the new Par 4 tees.

The Men’s Captain advises that Men should anticipate playing the 3rd Hole as a Par 4 on one loop and a Par 3 on the other loop. The Ladies Captain will finalise the decision on 3rd Hole Par and use as the earth works progress in the next day or so.

The Ladies Captain also advises that initially the Par 5 18th Hole will be played to the existing 9th Green. The collective Ladies view is that hitting to the old 18th Green from the 9th Hole fairway is a very difficult shot.

Thanks again to Bob and his greens team for moving forward quickly.



Update of Alternate Tee Locations – Iteration and Collaboration

Substantial progress is made with taking the 9 Hole course layout to a more refined stage.

Members and greens staff quickly recognised the need for alternate and separate tees when 18 Holes are played.

Ideas emerged and were consolidated by the Bob McCowan and Brian Brown who, along with Mike Fraser and Rob Smith, presented the possibility list to our Captains on 11 April.

The Captains were asked to respond to the ideas by 24 April.

The availability of resources and good weather allowed preliminary work to commence on 14 April.

The Captains consulted with the Pro, Barry Horton, and members on alternate tee placement and received a comprehensive written statement from Nigel Luxton (thank you again Nigel). Nigel’s comments along with those of Ken Mount and Men’s Captain Mike were discussed at length after the Men’s Saturday Easter presentation. Vets Captain, Wayne Howlett worked with the Vets on their ideas.

Ladies Captain, Olga Little worked with Ladies Representative, Myra Biggar and the Ladies Sub Committee to gain ideas. Olga consulted with Bob McCowan on options.

On 17 April, the Captains with assistance from the Pro reviewed the preliminary tee works and commenced finalising their reply for course / tee improvement to the Board.

Rob Smith, TTSC GM made time on 17 April when he was clearly busy with finalising Easter arrangements across the TTSC Clubs to help with questions of scope for the Captains reply.

Comments on alternate tee locations by Captains were provided to the Board Chairman late on the night of 21 April, Easter Monday.

By today, 23 April, work is well advanced on all the Captains recommendations and progress is being made on small refinements to the preliminary works to meet competition requirements.

A summary of the Captains recommendations on 21 April and the updated position are included in the following table.

The Captains have put many hours into deliberation and recommendations for the next stage of course improvement along with members that I have mentioned and the signification number of other members not named who have discussed ideas and hit balls from proposed tees and fairways to understand what works and what does not. Thank you.

Importantly, also thank you to Bob McCowan and the greens team for their tireless effort. Bob has taken the reins, driving and participating in the course works including providing time with the Captains to turn ideas into competition practicalities. The refinement is continuing and no doubt will, with a tree needing to come out here or there even after the first play commences from the new tees.

Members could usefully see what is being achieved with the alternate tees and other course improvements as a good example of iteratively achieving a result in a highly collaboration way that includes the Board Chair, a Director, GM, Operations Property Manager, the Golf Pro and our Captains plus their Sub Committees along with other interested members, all working together.

How else could ‘getting it right’ work?

Hole Alternate Tee Location Initial Captains Comment Updated Position
1 Tee near the water fountain Not preferred over the current Blue / White tee combination for handicap events Initial use in Ambrose and other non-handicap team events
2 To right of existing Tee Supported – Considered to be a significant challenge on Monthly Medal Day Additional tree removal makes tee useful for all play
3 Tee on old 12th Hole fairway No tee and landing area combination could be identified to convert the Hole to Par 4 Landing area restructure will allow Hole 3 to be a Par 4
4 Ladies Tee right side forward of tee No alternative identified for Men New Ladies tee commenced
5 Ladies Tee below 4th Green No alternative identified for Men, Ladies seeking alternate Tee at base of 4th Green adjacent to existing tee  New Ladies tee commenced; Question of use by Men remains with Men’s Captain
6 To left of Tee, towards practice area Not supported due to safety of players on 5th Hole and due to restricted landing zone Additional tree removal changes landing zone and makes tee useful for all play
7 Men’s Tee using old 8th Tee Block Provides totally alternate Hole hitting to old 11th green New tee being implement for Ladies
Ladies new Tee Block forward and immediately in front of water
8 Using old 13th Tee Block Introduces good dog leg alternate hole Preparation well advanced
9 Using old 18th Tee Block Introduces good dog leg alternate hole – Ladies will need new drain crossing onto 9th Fairway in front of their tee area Old 18th green re-opened and provides Par 5 possibility for Men due to difficulty of approach shot after drive