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Well Done Members and Pro Shop

Thank you to members who have noticed that scorecards and the system have been continuously changing to provide members with personalised scorecards that reflect the day’s current short course configuration.

The terrific service comes from Barry in the Pro Shop who has been playing an increasing role and is now very proficient with setting up a new course format and associated scorecard.

The Men’s Captain, Mike is also good at the task.

Mike and his Sub Committee have updated the scorecard to show Hole Indices more consistent with the short course layout. This was a non-trivial task that included reviewing about 8000 member scores on the standard holes still in play across the past 14 months. Thanks for combining science and sound judgement.

Some Vets who pared the 9th on Monday will have noticed on Wednesday that they were awarded Eagle. This was because the course layout was reused and changed when we did not realise the retrospective implication. The issue won’t be repeated as we are now creating new temporary courses.

Following is a picture of the new Par 3 11th Hole. The green is brown but putting is no worse than on other temporary greens.

2014 Men’s Handicap Match Play Draw – With Handicaps

The Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan has released the following 2014 Men’s Handicap Match Play Draw.

Congratulations to all members who qualified.

Rounds 1 and 2 need to be completed by 22 and 29 March respectively.

Competition players use their qualifying handicap for all competition matches.

The competition rules allow the matches to be played other than on Saturday’s provided they are completed by the scheduled date.

Please contact Mike if you have any issues concerning the competition.

Double click draw to see in larger size.


Full System Support For Short Course Competition

Following the short notice introduction of a short course due to cracks appearing in some areas, necessary system changes were made yesterday to allow today’s Ladies Competition to proceed with full system support.

The Ladies Captain changed the short course competition to Stableford. Players received personalised scorecards showing the short course layout.

The Touch Screen and report processing accessed a newly created Ladies short course layout and correctly calculated Daily Handicaps and Stableford points.

The Leader board and On-line Results displayed competition outcomes as expected.

System changes are also implemented to make the Pro Shop’s Friday competition business as normal.

Changes are also implemented to support the Men’s Saturday competition and all competitions played on the current short course layout.

Thank you to the Pro Shop for contributing to this high level of member service.



AGM Nominations

At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Wednesday, 12th February 2014 the following nominations were received.

Men’s Captain:

Ladies Captain:

Veterans Captain: Wayne Howlett Badge No. 03459
Nominated by Wayne Martlew Badge No.16177
Seconded by Ray Tume Badge No. 18399

Men’s Representative:

Ladies Representative: Myra Biggar Badge No. 26621
Nominated by Anne Foster Badge No. 41130
Seconded by Mardi Mason Badge No. 49530

No Notices of Motion were received at the time of closure of 12 noon on Saturday, 15th February 2014

Carmel Atkinson
20th February 2014