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Boomerang Shield 26.11.13

club banora ladies were successful in winning back the Boomerang Shield from Mullumbimby  for 2013,  6 groups from each Club played a 4bbb Match Play event.

Congratulations to our players who won 6 nil.  All matches were played in a competitive yet friendly environment, which always makes for a very enjoyable day.

Thanks to all our ladies who represented our Club.

Anne Foster – Captain Ladies Golf

The Putt Club AGM and Fun Day

The 2013 AGM of the Three Putt Club was held on Sunday 24 November 13 and was well supported. The following photos show members assembling on the BBQ boats at the start of day.




With the essential prawns, steak, sausages, bread rolls, salads and beverages loaded, the boat captains pushed back and headed along the Tweed River to enjoy the pleasure of being on the river and also to identify a suitable spot for fishing, a swim and lunch.

Members were very much enjoying their day by the time mooring was complete.


Wayne Stone, Graham Church, Mark Allen and Nigel Luxton led the way with the fishing and Wayne is reported to have the first success.  Peter Herdman can be seen below describing to the guys at the back of the boat the size of the fish that Graham was unable to land on his hand line.


The time for the AGM was marked when Ray Holmes’ well known call to order, seen below, was responded to by members.


The AGM provided Three Putt Club patron, Graham Church with an opportunity to reflect on the success of the Club and what it offers to Club Banora Golf.  Graham noted that it was time to call an end to his role as patron, particularly because of the increasing amount of time his business takes him away from home.  Graham seen below preparing for the AGM said he remains keen to be a significant sponsor of the Club and to help the Club continue at a high standard.  Members were very appreciative of Graham’s three year leadership as patron.


The other backbone of the Three Putt Club, Ray Holmes, indicated that while his health did not allow him to continue playing golf, he was prepared to continue as Club administrator.  Members were appreciative of Ray’s offer and unanimously supported his continuance.  Ray was also provided with, as needed, offers of support.

Nick Davis won the prestigious 3 Putt award seen below receiving his prize from Ray Holmes.  Nick simply lead the way with 3 putts.


The day was well organised and provided a fitting end to the Three Putt competition season.

Members look forward to the 2014 season opening in mid January.

Special Interest & Three Putt Club

Special interest groups typically value-add to a club.  Most Golf clubs have a ‘two Bob’ school, three putt club, eclectic or other speciality internal group.  During Club Banora Golf Club’s 30 years speciality interests have served both Men’s and Ladies’ players.  The Men have two Saturday groups, one known as the Gentlemen’s Three Putt Club.

The Three Putt Club has operated for 13 years and recruited strongly in 2012. Each Saturday, members of the Three Putt Club count their three and four putt greens and pay into the Three Putt Club 50 cents per three putt and $1 per four putt.  Members also, one on one, compare the day’s results and ‘two Bob’ – 20 cents changes hand as the better score dictates.

Participation in the Three Putt Club does not suit the needs of all members but the Club makes Saturday competition more interesting for its members by providing 25-30 match competitions beyond the grade competition provided by the Golf Club.  Paying for ‘poor’ putting also helps members focus on green.

The Three Putt Club provides its members trips away and a gala AGM day boating on the Tweed River and enjoying good food, beverage and fellowship.  In addition, the Three Putt Club each year, sponsors the second Saturday of December providing hams and turkeys as prizes.

Good job Three Putt Club, it’s administrators and members.

Further information about the Three Putt Club can be supplied by Ray Holmes.

Thank you also to the administrators of other groups that provide additional value for being a member at Club Banora Golf.


Despite a small but enthusiastic group of starters played in the 1st 9 hole Summer Sweepstakes.
Weather conditions were perfect for golf and the Winner with 20 pts was
Barry Jurd.2 balls-Miriam Jackson 1-ball-Bev Jurd on c/b
We look forward to more starters next Friday and bookings can be made online.

17 November Best 3 from 4 Stableford Competition

The 17 November competition was played in warm still overcast conditions.  The wind increased by the time the last players completed the18th but never dominated.  The field was good although a little down due the pending rain and competing commitments for some members.

On hand was Kaye Mills and Ross Telfer, fresh from their great southern adventure resulting from Kaye’s Round 1 Lexus Cup win and final qualification.  Thank you to Kaye for sharing her insight into playing in the final and the related participation in the gala  presentation at the Hyatt Regent and the next day at the Melbourne Cup where Lexus was a major sponsor.  Ironically as Kaye spoke, Adam Scott was shown on the TV behind in dramatic competition at the same Royal Melbourne Course played by Kaye a week earlier.  Ross’ explanation of his support role was also appreciated by members and the room was silent as he spoke about access to boutique beer, fine wine and gourmet food.  There is little doubt that Kaye and Ross enjoyed Kaye’s prize and that they were great ambassadors for Club Banora Golf.  Well done guys.

The presentation marked the return of Ross McMahon to Sunday competition.  Ross was in his new role as Men’s Representative on the Management Committee which includes Sunday presentations.  Members showed great respect for Ross’ new role and appreciate the considerable experience he brings to the Committee and Presentations. Ross held major roles as Men’s Captain and President between 2002 and 2010.

The winners, pictured below with Ross (far left) achieved a predicted and due win.  Pauline Ryan, Max Jessop, Rhoda Way and John Skerry(in order left to right) are four of the club most experienced golfers.  Presentation comments suggested that Pauline was the group strength but it is easy to recognise that Pauline’s fine play needed to be complimented with solid team performance to achieve the winning result in a best 3 team competition.  Well done guys!


First in the rundown was the runner up team of Mark Allen, Jenny Poolman and Ken & Denise Culpitt.  Of note is that Mark and Denise are just off the disable list and it was good to see their return to golf, good performance and solid team contribution.  The work of Jenny and Ken who both contributed a 4 pointer and more than one 3 was also important to the team result.

Mark and Denise were twice on the Nearest The Pins although Mark was passed each time.

Denise won Nearest the Pin at 8th and her 6 inch shot at 16 seemed a winner until Maureen Giles missed the cup by 2 inches.  Husband Colin hit the tee shot of the day at 16 and made Nearest The Pins there a family affair.  Good job Giles’.

A well marked approaching storm front saw an early end to the normal convivial Sunday afternoon presentation and fellowship.