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Course Works Update

The Tuesday night showers brought useful rain to the refurbished greens and fairways.

The greens were cut this afternoon although higher than the normal putting level.  The green recovery is good but the putted ball bounces or bobbles in some places on the 16 regular greens that are in play.  If the positive growing conditions continue, it is like that the greens will be cut close to their normal height for Saturday’s Single Stableford competition.

The 6th and 14th fairways work is mostly complete and the new rolled grass is starting to knit.  The sculptured fairways are attracting considerable member attention and as previously reported the holes are likely to be more challenging with the sloping mounds that have been introduced.

The 6th Hole change will provide new challenges for the golfers who hit drives between the 150m marker and the right hand side bunker near the 100m mark.  The landing zone is more narrow in places and the ball can be expected to roll to the sides.  The players who ‘bomb’ the ball to just short of the left hand bunker near the green will be least impacted by the change.

The fairway changes for Hole 6 are both operational and tactical.  The operational element relates to the fairway surface sinking which caused the refurbishment to be needed.  The main water pipe which runs down the centre of the fairway is now protected by 600mm of dirt, soil and the new grass.  The tactical aspect comes from the associated fairway shaping which makes the Hole fair more interesting for the majority of Club Banora members.

The Club Captains were invited to contribute to ideas for the 6th and 14th fairway features.

Many members are questioning whether the 6th Hole will retain its current Index rating.  The Captains are alert to the issue and are considering how they will decide if any change is warranted.  Golf NSW advice is that Hole indexing is a local decision.  At least once each year Captains review average player scores per Hole and have made past judgement not to change any Index.  It is reasonable to expect that any change to the 6th Hole Index will follow only after player performance suggests it is appropriate.  Members will continue to be informed of Hole Index reviews.

The 6th and 14th Holes are expected to be out of play until the middle of November and may return to play through the use of tee up.

There were drillers and a logging geologist on the course over the past two days as part of the water table and saline testing work.  As expected their work resulted in little if any disruption to the golfers and routine operations at the course.

Eel catchers are currently on the course and surrounds removing excess eels.  Their ‘tinnie’ could be seen tied up near the Pro Shop.




1st Tee

8.30 J Stephen, R Stephen, D Minogue, M Minogue

8.37 P Williams, J Patchett, C Manthey, A Osborne

8.45 D Davidson, R Beattie, C Atkinson, B Atkinson

11th Tee

8.30 J McFadden, B McFadden, S Stringer, I Stringer

8.37 J Mayo, J Toscano, M Berryman, M Storey

8.45 C Johns, R Pettyfore, D Andersen, B Andersen

8.52 H Williams, L Schneider, B Hall, B Kuskopf

8th Tee

8.30 P Ryan, M Jessop, A Foster, P Jocys

8.37 M Mason, J Mason, D Hughes, B Hughes

8.48 K Wilkinson, J Poolman, C Sawyer, P Norris

Resignation from Committee

The Golf Management Committee has received advice from Danny Minogue that he is unable to continue to serve on the Committee due to his health.

All members wish Danny well and thank him for his contribution as a member of the Committee.

It is important to recognise Danny’s contribution over the past year.  He joined the Management Committee in October 2012 at a time when there was urgent need for Men’s representation and he took on the position of Men’s Captain.  The Men’s Captain position is a demanding job at any Golf Club and the last quarter of the year busy with arrangements for Christmas competitions and functions.  It is also the peak time for planning of competitions for the coming year and preparation of the 2013 Fixture Book.  After the March 2013 Annual General Meeting a review of the distribution of the Men’s workload occurred and Danny continued on the Management Committee as Men’s Representative.  Danny was a big part of recent Sunday presentations compiling results, announcing prize winners and supervising prize draws.

Danny – Thanks for being there when needed. All Members look forward to your health improving in the coming months.


Holes-In-One a Feature of 26 Oct Men’s Competition

The first Men’s Competition on the 2013 Spring temporary course produced two Holes-In-One. The first ultimate shot was achieved by Alan Lindsey in morning play at the temporary Par 3 15th.  An hour later Jim Leuver repeated the shot at the regular Par 3 16th. The Club is able to formally recognise the Hole-In-One at the 16th but not so at the temporary 15th.

Jim is pictured below with the Men’s Captain, Mike Flanagan, at the Saturday Presentation where he is responding to the Hole-In-One announcement.

A very active member who plays three times each week, Jim plays off 16 and his name appears regularly on the Nearest The Pin prize list.  His 7 wood hit to the 16th provided his first Hole-In-One with an associated cheer and fall to the ground.  Jim maintained his composure to score two points on the 17th but his 5 points for one shot at 16 was the highlight of his 17 points back 9.

The Hole-In-One entitles Jim to 6 golf balls, a bottle of his preferred drink, mounting of the ball and an official Hole-In-One certificate all sponsored by the Club.  The Hole-In-One certificated will be presented at the Men’s Christmas party.

Great effort Jim, congratulations and well done.

While not able to be formally recognised, Alan’s result at 15 – 5 points for one shot – was achieved at the hole supported by a major club sponsor and worth a $250 prize.

Alan also plays three times each week and has been playing good Golf over the past month, reducing his handicap to 14 and taking home three winner / runner up vouchers. Alan is a regular on the Nearest The Pin prize list.

Alan retained composure after his Hole-In-One and made 3 points at 16.  The 8 points 2 hole total provided a major component of his back 9 24 points which set up Division 1 Runner Up for the day.

The sponsor will provide Alan with a non official Hole-In-One certificate and the $250 prize at the Men’s Christmas Party.

Terrific effort Alan to hit the Hole-In-One shot, well done.

Congratulations to Peter Hanley, a visitor from The Colonial, who scored an outstanding 50 points.  The full competition results are available through the on-line results.

Course Reopening & Refurbishment Update

Today’s reopening of the course after green coring and fairway refurbishment of Holes 6 and 14 was well supported with a good size Pro Shop competition field and many social players. The cored and sanded greens are slow but members and visitors enjoyed the golf understanding the seasonal green and tee maintenance was typical of golf courses in the district.

Pictures follow of the work and state of the 6th and 14th fairways. The sculpting of the left side of the 6th fairway increases the complexity of the 6th Hole.

6th Fairway From Green

6th Fairway From Tee

14th Fairway From Tee

The 14th Hole is already looking good from the tee.

The 6th and 14th Holes will be out of play for the next two to three weeks as a minimum and are likely to return to play using tee up. Good rain and sun along with low wind are important elements for early return of the Holes to competition play. The Head Greenkeeper will make the judgement on when the holes will reopen.

Thank you to our Pro, Barry and Men’s Captain Mike for working with the greens team last night and very early this morning to ensure white GUR makings were in place to allow players and the course to be equally protected. All balls must be lifted and dropped off the 6th and 14th fairway works and it goes without saying that buggies must not be taken onto the refurbished fairways.

The 16 fairways in play, unused for 4 days, are in great condition and the course is more open following the removal of high maintenance and / or high demand-for-water trees.

All golfers at Club Banora will benefit from the terrific work by the green staff team and contractors over the past four days. Thanks guys, your effort and quality work.

Update on Course Works

A quick look across the course shows the good work already completed by the green staff team.

The greens and tees are cored, clean and fertilised.  Yesterday five or more heavy machines were in action at one time.

Fairway work is progressing and many of the high maintenance palm trees were removed today.

The work continues over the next two days.

The Pro Shop is prepared to commence issuing temporary course score cards when the course reopens on Friday.  A strong field is registered to play the 66 Par for men and 68 Par for Ladies.  The temporary course layout shows 10 holes in place of the existing outward nine and 8 holes back to the Half way House.

The Pro Shop and Club Captains have advised that no handicapping will occur on the temporary course.