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Monday 1st July 2013

Please be advised that there will be no motorised carts or scooters allowed today. An inspection will take place between 6.15 & 6.30 am to discuss playing condition of course for the day. Players do not need to call  pro shop to cancel if you use motorised vehicles your name will be deleted from time sheet for the day.

Regards Ian.


Shotgun Start – 7.30am  for 8.00am – 4BBB Matchplay

PLEASE NOTE THAT LUNCH IS AT 1.00pm IRRESPECTIVE OF WEATHER. $2 Gold coin donation for those not dressing up to the letter “S”

                              P  Team                                      C  Team

1st Tee: C.Sawyer, J.McFadden,          A. Foster, J.Haddrick

                  M.Towers, Nancy Douglas,     Cherie Doyle, Peggy Williams

2nd Tee: K.Mills, S.Stringer,                 P.Hodda, M.Giles

4th Tee: P.Ellison, D.Rankine,             J.Woolley, T.Payn

5th Tee: D.Culpitt, D.M.Culpitt,          K.Wilkinson, J.Poolman

6th Tee: D.Andersen, B.Culpitt,          P.Ryan, C.Johns

7th Tee: P.Martlew, L.Ablett,              D.Melling, H.Evans

9th Tee: L.Bell, B.Hall,                            D.Snelling, E. Gosling

                     E.Pleasance, M.Bee                R.Williams, G.Spencer

10th Tee: J.Mayo, J.Holmes,               K.Palmer, J.Toscano

11th Tee:  J.Mount, M.Minogue,         D.Hughes, J.McQuillan

13th Tee: F.Tedesco, R.Way,               H.Smith, B.Kuskopf

14th Tee: L.Phillips, M.Hunter,          M.Anesbury, M.Jackson

15th Tee: S.Eason, J.Jones,                 C.Atkinson, M.Biggar

                      M.Mason, D.Leopold,         O.Little, M.Cooper

17th Tee: D.Davidson, R.Beattie,      M.Storey, J.Harrison

18th Tee: L.Schneider, C.Kellock,    V.Landers, G.Mather


Our Club Banora Ladies played at Mullumbimby against Ocean Shores today. The team was beaten 4 – 1.

This was the final game in the Northern Rivers Pennant Competition for us.  Congratulations to all who played.  We had some great results this year.

Captain Anne

Diggers Results 23rd June

9 Hole S/Stab

Winner                Rick Chong            21.                        Pins.           12th       Paul Dickison  (nearly holed)

R/ Up                   Paul Dickison       20                                              16th        Rick Shepard

R/Down               Les Kafoa             18

Frank Watego    18

Graham Vievers   18

Howie Boyle          17

Clint Dunn             17