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Ladies Opening Day 7/2/2013 – Team of 4 Ambrose

Captain Anne advises that the entries for Opening Day, which was to be held on 31/1/13, have now been transferred to Thursday 7/2/2013.  Would members please check that teams and timeslots have transferred correctly.  If you are unable to play or your team is not correct please inform the Proshop.

1st Tee:

7.25 Kerrie Campbell, Ann Kafer, Joyce Flanagan

7.31 Anne Foster, Mardi Mason, Kay Palmer, Clair Manthey

7.38 Jenny Malley, Judy Stephen, June McFadden, Peggy Williams

7.45 Shirley Stringer, Pat Hodda, Rosemary Hammond, Kaye Mills

7.52 Maren Cooper, Myra Biggar, Olga Little, Doreen Leopold

7.59 Linda Dallas, Denise Melling, Penny Martlew, Paula Peck

8.06 Coral Asher, Marilyn Hunter, Pam Quiggin, Jan Woolley

8.13 Mary Minogue, Judy Mount, Robyn Campbell, Marilyn Brown

8.20 Kelly Wilkinson, Janet Haddrick, Margaret Bee, Denise M. Culpitt

8.27 Heather Williams, Alicia Swiatek, Joan Harrison, Coral Rasmussen

10th Tee

7.31 Margaret Meekings, Daphne Andersen, Colleen Johns, Bev Culpitt

738 Beryl Johnson, Diane Hughes, Rhoda Way, Nancy Douglas

7.45 Elwyn Gosling, Carmel Atkinson, Doreen Snelling, Mary Swanson

7.52 Betty Kuskopf, Betty Hall, Romena Doran,

7.59 Marilyn Berryman, Carmen Sawyer, Jenny Mayo, June Holmes

8.06 Muriel Murray, Jill Toscano, Robyn Beattie, Judy McQuillan

8.13 Lorraine Morris, Ruth Williams, Gwen Spencer, Dee Davidson

8.20 Fran Tedesco, Helen Smith, Maria Anesbury

8.27 Cherie Doyle, Doreen Rankine, Coral Keating, Christine Kellock


TUESDAY January 29

Further update as at 12.30pm

Golf Course is CLOSED today and will also be
CLOSED Wednesday January 30.

Clean up work is in progress and a decision on the course
will be made Thursday morning at 6.30am

Ladies Opening Day

Ladies Opening day has been transferred to Thursday February 7.

Times will remain the same as this Thursdays bookings.

A Single Stableford event will commence at 7.30am Thursday January 31
There will be No motorised carts for this day.