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Committee Newsletter 8 – AGM Detail

Annual General Meeting
Arrangements for the Saturday 10th March Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the pre-meeting competition are finalised.
Green Fee Free Shot Gun Start Competition
The Committee decided to commit some of the bonus funding provided by Twin Towns in December 2011 to providing members with a fee free AGM day.
Competition sheets are available in the Pro Shop. Members can nominate to play in a Mens’ or Ladies’ Stableford Golflink competition and also say if they wish to play in a particular group for four.
Groups can be all male, female or mixed. The Captains will assign groups to starting tees and arrange the field in blocks of Men, Ladies and mixed groups.
Cards will be pre-printed and available from Captains’ assistants outside the Pro Shop from 8am. After the competition round, cards are to be placed in the card box. It will not be necessary to enter the results through the touch screen in the Pro Shop.
AGM Registration
It is anticipated that the competition will complete by about 1.15pm. This will allow members time for lunch and to register for the AGM which is scheduled to commence in the Tuscany Room at 2pm. Members will receive the Annual Report and financial statements when they register for the AGM.
AGM Agenda
The AGM agenda is
• Consideration and adoption of the Annual Report including President and Captains Reports.
• Presentation and adoption of the Balance Sheet, and Financial Statements.
• Notices of Motion
– No Notices of Motion for consideration.
• General Business that may be brought forward in accordance with the Constitution and Rules.

Resolutions to Change Constitution
Special resolutions to change the Constitution will be considered at the AGM. Resolutions for change are to
• Vary the term of office for Committee Members from two years to one year.
• Introduce a mail out (post or email) to members at the time the Secretary calls for AGM Notices of Motion and nominations for Committee positions.

Election for Committee Positions
Single nominations were received for each of the vacant Captains and Committee Member positions. No voting on Committee positions will be required.
Thank you to retiring Captains Ken Mount and Carmel Atkinson for their tireless dedication to managing the Men’s and Ladies’ golf programs over recent years.
Dry Til after AGM
Members are invited to remain after the AGM to reflect on the year past and what might be achieved in 2012. A limited dry til will be in operation.