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Golf Social Club Results 12-3-17

9 Hole Single Stableford

19 Starters

Trophy — Howard Boyle

Winner — Wayne Woodford  22 Points C/b

R/u — Paul Chong 22

Run Down — P. Woodgate 18, G. Veivers 16, W.Self 16, W.Jauncey 16 C/b.

Pins — 2nd – C.Dunn, 2nd(2) – P. Chong, 3rd – W.Self, 7th – P. Chong, Novelty Hole – P Dickison.

Next Week — 9 Hole Keith (Rabbit) Rollings Memorial Day at Club Banora.

Diggers Results. 15-6-2014

Hi Guys, another good day. 9 Hole S/Stab. Presidents Cup. Trophy Bill Ward.

Winner.            Dan Walker          23.

R/Up.                Bill Jauncey        21.

R/Down.           Mick Byrne         20.                          Pins.    Rob Sheppard

Rick Chong          20.                                        Bill Jauncey

Les Kafoa              18.

Dave Wood          18.

Congratulations Ray Mills, main club match play winner. From Diggers.

Next Week. 2 Ball Agg Stab.  Presidents vs Captain.  Trophy Clint Dunn.

Visitors welcome. 6.30 to 7.00 Tee off.

Diggers Results 8-6-2014

Monthly Medal. A good turn out, and some great scores.

Winner.              Rob Sheppard.        Nett    29.

Runner up.        Les Kafoa.                              29   c/b.                               Pins.  2 nd shot to 10th and 15th, both to Robb Shepard.

Run down.         Porky.                                      31.                                                                               11th and 16th both to Porky

Bill Jauncey.                         34.                                                                                11th 2nd shot                Bill Jauncey.

Howie Boyle.                         35.                                          Longest Drives.    A.    Phill Woodgate

Franky Watego.                    35.                                                                              B.     Bill Ward.

Paul Chong.                             35.                                                                             C.     Fred  Caspers.

Bill Ward.                                  36 c/b.

Rob Sheppard our best gross.    38.

George Elms tailing with a close 81.

Howie Boyle cleans up the putts with 12.

Next Week, 9 hole s/stab. Presidents Trophy. Be early, Pennants following.

Visitors all welcome, 6.30 am tee off.

Diggers Results 23rd June

9 Hole S/Stab

Winner                Rick Chong            21.                        Pins.           12th       Paul Dickison  (nearly holed)

R/ Up                   Paul Dickison       20                                              16th        Rick Shepard

R/Down               Les Kafoa             18

Frank Watego    18

Graham Vievers   18

Howie Boyle          17

Clint Dunn             17


Diggers Results 16th June

Winner               Dennis Smith           20              Pins       12th     Fred Caspers

Runner up         Paul Chong               19                              16th     Paul Chong

R/Down             Dave Woods             18

Phil Woodgate         17

Cleave Brown           16

Ray Mills                   16


Diggers Results Monthly Medal

9-6-2013   Monthly Medal.

Winner       Fred Caspers       32                                 Putts.       Bill Ward           11

R/Up           Paul Chong          34                                 Bradmans  Trever Chenery   46

R/Down       Bill Ward             35                                 Best Gross  Paul Chong           45

Ray Walker        37                                 Worst Gross  Dave Woods     61

Bill Jauncey       37

Pins    12th      Rick Chong

16th      Mark Dinham

Longest Drive’s     Graham Vievers (only one in all grade’s to hit fairway)


Diggers Results

Results 2-6-2013.  2 Man Ambrose V’s Chinderah.

Only 38  starters so was down to 9 best cards, only 2 points in it, 724– 722.

Shame the 722 was us, well get that coffin back next time.

Our Winners             Howie Boyle and Dennis Smith   63

Runners up               Phil Woodgate and Ray Walker  64

Run down                 Micheal Byrne and Frank Watego

Robby Shepard and Bill Jauncey

Next Week  9th June.   Monthly Medal.

All visitors welcome.  Tee off  6.30 to 7.30.

Diggers Results 26th May

26-5-2013.    4 BBB Ag Stab

Winners.  W Woodford, R Mills,    41

Runners up, B Jauncey,  R Shepard,   37

R/Down,  D Smith, F Watago,   35

H Boyle, D Smith(sw)  35

R Walker,  N Hanson,  31

Pins,  12th.  B Jauncey.    16th.   D Smith.

Next Week, 2 man ambrose Vs Chinderah.